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The Tragedy in Manchester … and in Islam?

At the time of writing, the Police have issued a statement that they are treating the deadly attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester as terrorism-related. It remains to be seen whether this was related to specifically AQ or … Continue reading

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Britain’s Responsibility For Israeli Terrorism in Palestine

In the wake of the Israeli killing of Palestinian freedom fighter, Ahmad al-Jabari – the head of Hamas’s military wing – it is worthwhile recalling just how we got to the present strange set of affairs whereby European immigrants were … Continue reading

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Rizwaan Sabir, Police Corruption & The Strange Silence of Muslim Organisations

There was a very interesting story published in the Observer ten days ago about Rizwaan Sabir – a research student who had been arrested four years ago for downloading the “al-Qa’ida Training Manual” but was then released without charge seven … Continue reading

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Manchester Muslim Family Faces Israel-Style Collective Punishment

Very worrying development in Manchester where three generations of a family face eviction from their home under a new law that allows the police to seek the forfeiture of a property if they believe it was used for terrorist purposes. … Continue reading

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Norway and the ‘Islamist’ bombing bullshit

Craig Murray writes about ‘Islamophobia run wild’ in connection with the appalling reporting on our news channels and a lot of the press about yesterday’s bombing and killings in Norway. Do read it in full. Update: Someone has just sent … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg distances himself from idiot Cameron on multiculturalism

The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, today delivered a very important speech in Luton entitled ‘An Open, Confident Society: The Application of Muscular Liberalism in a Multicultural Society’ in which he wisely distanced himself from some of the comments made by … Continue reading

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Guardian’s Vikram Dodd eviscerates idiot Cameron

There’s a very fine piece today by Vikram Dodd in the Guardian responding to David Cameron’s speech in Munich. Well worth reading. The illustration above is from yesterday’s Independent.

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