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Hawking’s Courageous Stand Against Israeli Apartheid

The decision by Professor Stephen Hawking to support the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement against Israel is a hugely courageous one and he deserves support for speaking out on the issue of Israeli apartheid – an issue on which … Continue reading

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A fine response to Stephen Hawking

Back in September last year, Professor Stephen Hawking, probably the world’s best known scientist, attracted front page headlines across the world by claiming in his book ‘The Grand Design’ to have ruled out God as the reason for the existence … Continue reading

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Professor S. Misbah Deen’s response to Stephen Hawking

I received an article in my inbox this morning from S. Misbah Deen, Emeritus Professor of Computer Science at Keele University, in which he responds to Professor Stephen Hawking’s claim last week, that the Universe did not need a Creator. … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking and the denial of God

The cover story on the front page of The Times (behind a paywall, alas) yesterday was: ‘Hawking: God did not create Universe’. The story was based on extracts from Professor Stephen Hawking’s new book, The Grand Design, which is due to … Continue reading

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