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The Guardian: PCC investigates Mel P for racist hate speech

  The Guardian has just published a story online about the Melanie Phillips article I have blogged about twice already this week. It is vitally important that we set a clear marker here and insist that anti-Arab racism is every … Continue reading

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Police to investigate Mel P article for possible racist hate speech

  A few days ago I wrote about Melanie Phillips’ use of what seemed to me to be highly inflammatory and racist language in a piece she wrote for Spectator blogs. In that article she talked about ‘the moral depravity … Continue reading

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Melanie Phillips’ brain should be donated to the world

It is always a joy reading Melanie Phillips’ strenuous attempts on her Spectator blog to whitewash Israeli crimes. Her latest salvo about this week’s Israeli raid on the aid flotilla contains this truly magnificent statement: ‘The more we know about this incident, … Continue reading

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