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Peter Oborne’s List of MPs That Grovelled & Refused to Grovel to Murdoch

In his Daily Telegraph column today, Peter Oborne provides an important list of MPs that he says grovelled and refused to grovel before Rupert Murdoch’s mighty News International. “Here are the News International crowd: Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson, … Continue reading

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Peter Oborne lists three main challenges facing Cameron

Peter Oborne – in a characteristically thoughtful piece in today’s Daily Telegraph – lists three main challenges that he believes David Cameron faces in his premiership. “…if he is fully to emerge from the sewer into which his News International … Continue reading

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Peter Oborne eviscerates Cameron over Murdoch empire

Peter Oborne, one of our bravest and most principled commentators, eviscerates the idiot PM David Cameron in the Daily Telegraph over Cameron’s ties with Rupert Murdoch’s vile media empire. Oborne calls on the government to now take action to break … Continue reading

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Rupert Murdoch says US should increase its support for Israel

Rupert Murdoch delivered a speech last night explicitly outlining his deep commitment to Israel. The speech is worth reading in full – it is not very long at all –  particularly to appreciate just how one-sided Murdoch’s view of the Middle East is … Continue reading

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Sky News paper round up: Wot no Guardian?

This morning at suhur time between 4.00 and 4.30am I was watching Sky News and they did their usual roundup of the day’s newspaper front pages. They showed the Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Independent – but in an odd … Continue reading

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