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Blaming the Jews for ISIS

A couple of months ago I blogged about the need to speak out against anti-Muslim cartoons that were being circulated on social media in the wake of the terror attacks in London earlier this year and said: We as British … Continue reading

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Advert: “Uncivilised Arab Savages”!

Some of Israel’s most vocal supporters including Pamela Geller have paid for an advert that has been placed on buses in San Francisco describing Israel’s opponents as ‘savages’. How sad that they view Arabs and Muslims as ‘savages’, as sub-human. … Continue reading

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Report from the EDL Demo in Luton today

I attended the English Defence League march and demonstration today in Luton (as I also did last year) and posted a number of live tweets from there. The demo began with the EDL supporters gathering in Park Street. I was … Continue reading

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Max Hastings: Israeli PM Netanyahu is a racist ethnic cleanser

In a very revealing snippet in the middle of his Daily Mail article today, the experienced journalist and columnist Max Hastings – a former editor of the Daily Telegraph and the London Evening Standard – makes a very important disclosure … Continue reading

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Racist woman on London Tram

The most astonishing thing about this video is not the crude BNP/EDL type abuse – I think most of us who are not white-skinned have witnessed such abuse – but the fact that the bigoted lady is holding a young … Continue reading

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The Independent: Welcome to the World of ‘Mad Mel’

The Independent’s diarist, Matthew Norman, today reflects on the controversial comments made by Melanie Phillips about Arabs: “What desperate moments for all among us who revere Melanie Phillips and the rigorous self-restraint she brings to her work. In the coming … Continue reading

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Mel P in 2005 vs Mel P in 2011

Here is Mel P writing on her blog in 2005 about why it is right to have incitement to racial hatred laws but not incitement to religious hatred laws: “Attacking people on account of their race is to attack what … Continue reading

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