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Why Prevent Matters – Addressing the Rise of the Far Right

A couple of months ago I wrote a short post looking at the government’s Prevent strategy. Prevent has come in for a lot of sustained criticism over the years and some of it has been justified. I argued, however, that … Continue reading

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Usama Hasan Joins Quilliam: And In Other News, A Bear Goes to the Woods…

The Quilliam Foundation’s staff numbers have been rather drastically shrinking in the past year not least due to a reduction in the amount of money they have been getting from the government due to cutbacks. But it seems they still … Continue reading

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Quilliam’s Scaremongering Tweets on ‘Islamists’ and the Norway killings

Following on from the update to my blogpost below, I decided to take a look at the Tweets issued by the government-funded Quilliam Foundation after news broke about the bombing in Norway to see how they attempted to frame the … Continue reading

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Quilliam’s parliamentary supporters demand more taxpayers money

Following on from last week’s post about how many of the Quilliam Foundation’s supporters (many pro-Iraq war enthusiasts including Nick Cohen, Denis MacShane, Paul Goodman as well as Martin ‘The Great Koran Con Trick’ Bright) had been mobilising to ensure continued … Continue reading

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The interesting friends of the Quilliam Foundation

Back in 2006, the then Prime Minister Tony Blair had come under massive criticism both within his party but also from all the major UK Muslim organisations for his silence over Israel’s murderous bombardment of Lebanon. Just about all the main … Continue reading

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Tackling violent extremism together

Today’s Guardian story about the Quilliam memo helps demonstrate how the current Prevent programme has degenerated into a worrying spectacle of tiny groups competing for government access and funding while smearing other credible and far larger Muslim organisations as being ‘Islamists’ and … Continue reading

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The Guardian on the leaked secret Quilliam document

Tomorrow’s edition of the Guardian contains this article by the Guardian’s crime correspondent, Vikram Dodd, about the leaked Quilliam Foundation document that was sent to senior government ministers in mid-June 2010 seeking to advise them on how to deal with Muslim … Continue reading

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