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Independent Review of Prevent – An Opportunity To Raise Concerns

Almost a year ago, I wrote a short blog looking back at 15 years of the Prevent anti-radicalisation strategy and raised some concerns that UK Muslims had about Prevent and said that “the government and authorities should be seen to … Continue reading

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Why Prevent Matters – Addressing the Rise of the Far Right

A couple of months ago I wrote a short post looking at the government’s Prevent strategy. Prevent has come in for a lot of sustained criticism over the years and some of it has been justified. I argued, however, that … Continue reading

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A Look at the Prevent Strategy – 15 years on…

It is fifteen years now since the then Labour government set up the Prevent programme back in 2003 as one of the four key strands of its overall CONTEST strategy (Pursue, Prevent, Protect and Prepare) to try and reduce the … Continue reading

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Rizwaan Sabir, Police Corruption & The Strange Silence of Muslim Organisations

There was a very interesting story published in the Observer ten days ago about Rizwaan Sabir – a research student who had been arrested four years ago for downloading the “al-Qa’ida Training Manual” but was then released without charge seven … Continue reading

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Congrats to the BBC for Challenging Govt Over Babar Ahmad Interview

Congratulations to the BBC and Dominic Casciani in particular for successfully challenging the Government in court over their refusal to allow the BBC to film an interview with Babar Ahmad. Babar has clearly been going through a horrific ordeal which seems … Continue reading

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University staff asked to inform on ‘vulnerable’ Muslim students

A worrying story today in the Guardian about increased spying on Muslim students. The Home Office sadly appears to be following the advice of some nasty right-wing thinktanks in its approach to dealing with UK Muslims.

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Prevent-ing Muslim Engagement

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about how it looked as if the government was going to adopt a hardline rejectionist position towards mainstream UK Muslim organisations with it’s Prevent strategy. And so it came to be. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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