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University staff asked to inform on ‘vulnerable’ Muslim students

A worrying story today in the Guardian about increased spying on Muslim students. The Home Office sadly appears to be following the advice of some nasty right-wing thinktanks in its approach to dealing with UK Muslims.

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‘The Cold War on British Muslims’

The wonderful people behind SpinWatch have produced a new report called ‘The Cold War on British Muslims.’ It examines the influence over the government wielded by two right-wing think tanks, Policy Exchange and Douglas Murray’s Centre for Social Cohesion (now … Continue reading

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Pro-Israel lobby continues smear campaign against ENGAGE

Last week I blogged about how the Tory MP Robert Halfon – a former Political Director of the Conservative Friends of Israel – had launched a highly dishonest and cowardly attack on the Muslim advocacy group ENGAGE. Halfon had only … Continue reading

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David Cameron adopts neo-con Policy Exchange line towards UK Muslims

The Guardian and The Independent today both carry extracts from a speech that the British PM, David Cameron, is set to deliver later today in which he seems to lay down the law, wild west style, to UK Muslims about … Continue reading

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