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Britain Displays True Colours in Palestinian Vote Abstention

You may recall that the UK govt – around a year ago –  passed a law to make it much more difficult to bring private prosecutions against  suspected Israeli war criminals who were visiting the UK. Now – we learn … Continue reading

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The UK arrest of Shaykh Raed Salah and Our Craven Media

I was about to take a seat in the departure lounge at Gatwick Airport on Wednesday evening waiting for my flight to Marseille where I was going to install and deploy a Cisco firewall at a branch office, when my … Continue reading

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President Obama: Rhetoric and reality

Last week I posted the full transcript and video of President Obama’s stirring speech on the occasion of the downfall of the Egyptian dictator, Husni Mubarak. Obama – and let’s put aside for the moment the USA’s long record of … Continue reading

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Four Israeli land-thieves killed

All the main news outlets are currently carrying the story of the killing of four Israeli colonist-settlers yesterday by the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, near the Palestinian city of Hebron. What is notable about the coverage … Continue reading

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An open letter to Charles Moore

Dear Charles, In your column for the Daily Telegraph today entitled ‘Why has Israel disarmed itself in the battle for world opinion?’ you make a couple of assertions that I think are, at best, rather questionable. Firstly, you claim that … Continue reading

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