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BBC R4’s Moral Maze – The ISIS Problem

Yesterday evening, I took part in a discussion about the terrorist attacks in Brussels on Radio 4’s Moral Maze programme. The episode can be heard in full here. I mentioned that in light of the pledge by the so-called Islamic State … Continue reading

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The Independent: Welcome to the World of ‘Mad Mel’

The Independent’s diarist, Matthew Norman, today reflects on the controversial comments made by Melanie Phillips about Arabs: “What desperate moments for all among us who revere Melanie Phillips and the rigorous self-restraint she brings to her work. In the coming … Continue reading

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Mel P in 2005 vs Mel P in 2011

Here is Mel P writing on her blog in 2005 about why it is right to have incitement to racial hatred laws but not incitement to religious hatred laws: “Attacking people on account of their race is to attack what … Continue reading

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Is Spectator editor Fraser Nelson an idiot?

  The editor of The Spectator, Fraser Nelson, is quoted in the Independent today defending Melanie Phillips’ racist outburst about Arabs in a blogpost she wrote for the Spectator website last week. “We are quite clear that Melanie Phillips hasn’t … Continue reading

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The Guardian: PCC investigates Mel P for racist hate speech

  The Guardian has just published a story online about the Melanie Phillips article I have blogged about twice already this week. It is vitally important that we set a clear marker here and insist that anti-Arab racism is every … Continue reading

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Police to investigate Mel P article for possible racist hate speech

  A few days ago I wrote about Melanie Phillips’ use of what seemed to me to be highly inflammatory and racist language in a piece she wrote for Spectator blogs. In that article she talked about ‘the moral depravity … Continue reading

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Mel P on ‘the moral depravity of the Arabs’

  Melanie Phillips – one of the most vocal pro-Israel cheerleaders in the UK media – has a characteristically caustic piece up on Spectator blogs today in which she denounces ‘…the moral depravity of the Arabs…’ and refers to them as ‘savages.’ … Continue reading

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