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Book Review: The Human Instinct by Kenneth R. Miller

I have written previously on several occasions (see here for an example) about the influence that Professor Kenneth R. Miller’s splendid book “Finding Darwin’s God” had on me. Miller, a believing Catholic, very persuasively tackled a series of common objections … Continue reading

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Why Anti-Evolution Religionists Will Lose Against Science

A number of you got in touch with me following my recent series of posts about evolution and asked for a good book recommendation on the topic. I picked out Prof. Kenneth R. Miller’s Finding Darwin’s God because when I … Continue reading

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Human Evolution: A Response to Yasir Qadhi

I have just finally got round to watching Yasir Qadhi’s views on human evolution as espoused at the Deen Institute’s conference a couple of weeks ago. I have been sent a number of emails over the past week linking to … Continue reading

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