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Daily Telegraph apologises for bullshit Iran story

  Last September I blogged about how the Daily Telegraph had just printed a nonsense story alleging that Iran was bankrolling the Turkish AK Party. The Telegraph’s story – by one of its longtime bullshitters, Con Coughlin – came at a … Continue reading

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President Obama: Rhetoric and reality

Last week I posted the full transcript and video of President Obama’s stirring speech on the occasion of the downfall of the Egyptian dictator, Husni Mubarak. Obama – and let’s put aside for the moment the USA’s long record of … Continue reading

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Geert Wilders: The World’s Most Dangerous Man

On Tuesday, BBC2 broadcast a must-view documentary about the Islamophobic Dutch politician Geert Wilders who has infamously called for the Qur’an to be banned (amongst many other bigoted anti-Muslim recommendations). The BBC2 documentary is essential viewing not least because it explicitly reveals … Continue reading

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Israel and its friends warn of consequences of Egyptian freedom

While much of the world is thrilled by the images coming out of Egypt and hoping for the fall of the Mubarak regime, Israel and its many influential supporters are busy trying to persuade the USA and European governments that Mubarak … Continue reading

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Rupert Murdoch says US should increase its support for Israel

Rupert Murdoch delivered a speech last night explicitly outlining his deep commitment to Israel. The speech is worth reading in full – it is not very long at all –  particularly to appreciate just how one-sided Murdoch’s view of the Middle East is … Continue reading

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Four Israeli land-thieves killed

All the main news outlets are currently carrying the story of the killing of four Israeli colonist-settlers yesterday by the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, near the Palestinian city of Hebron. What is notable about the coverage … Continue reading

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UK government backs down over ‘full, credible, impartial and independent investigation’

The UK’s foreign and commonwealth office have now responded to a letter from the Muslim lobbying group ENGAGE about its position with respect to the killing of nine aid volunteers aboard the Gaza-bound flotilla by Israeli commandos last month. The FCO letter … Continue reading

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