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Turkey Goes Backwards By Refusing To Teach Evolution To Schoolchildren

The news this week that the Islam-oriented Turkish government has decided to remove the teaching of evolution from the national curriculum is a sad reminder of the continuing poor state of the Muslim world and the multiple problems many Muslims are … Continue reading

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Usama Hasan and the evolution controversy

I have a post up on Cif at the moment about the ongoing controversy surrounding Usama Hasan and his views on evolution. Do contribute to the discussion there or add your comments below on this thread if you prefer. Here … Continue reading

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Harun Yahya’s disciples to begin another UK tour

The latest Harun Yahya UK tour entitled ‘The Collapse of Darwinism and the Fact of Creation’ is due to start next week beginning on Monday in London. I have written several articles on Cif about my own experience of reading … Continue reading

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