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Halal/Schechita Slaughter Needs to Adapt To End Cruelty To Animals

The decision today by Lancashire County Council to only supply halal meat to schools if it has been pre-stunned is a difficult but necessary step if we are to see progress made in the area of Halal/Schechita slaughter. It is … Continue reading

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EDL supporters demonstrate outside Blackburn’s ‘Halal’ KFC

Just days after the Mail on Sunday’s campaign – which I blogged about here – to incite mischief over the sale of ‘halal’ meat in an increasing number of mainstream outlets, supporters of the English Defence League have now begun … Continue reading

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Mail on Sunday to continue anti-Muslim incitement over Halal meat

It looks as if the Mail on Sunday will be running another anti-Muslim story tomorrow to follow on from the typically nasty scaremongering story (pictured above) they ran on their front page last week about the increasing availability of halal meat … Continue reading

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