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Sayeeda Warsi and the Selling Out of Palestine

Lady Warsi was asked yesterday about the exact moment she made up her mind to resign from the Tory-led government over its policy (or perhaps more accurately, non-policy) on Gaza. She replied: “There were many moments. Every time a school … Continue reading

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Palestine: Some Scattered Thoughts

Just some scattered thoughts before I head off to work so apologies if any lack of coherence. 1. Back in 1988, during the first Palestinian Intifada (uprising), I was shocked at just how defenceless the Palestinians were. They were an … Continue reading

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Remembering the Dalou Family In Gaza

These are some of the children from the Dalou family in Gaza that were killed when the Israelis bombed their home today. What words can do justice to this shocking scene? I can’t find any. God have mercy on them. … Continue reading

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PM Cameron describes Gaza as a ‘prison camp’

In a speech in Turkey today, the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, criticised Israel’s ‘unacceptable’ blockade of Gaza and described the conditions there as resembling a ‘prison camp’. The Jewish Chronicle has said that the remarks were ‘calculated to endear … Continue reading

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David Trimble and the sham Israeli ‘investigation’

Craig Murray has a good post up today on his blog about why David Trimble can be relied upon to help Israel in its cover-up ‘investigation’ of the events that led to the killing of nine members of the Gaza … Continue reading

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MCB ad in tomorrow’s Guardian

I have just been sent the full-page advert that the MCB are placing in tomorrow’s edition of the Guardian. The ad is in the form of an open letter to the PM David Cameron urging him to show leadership and … Continue reading

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Pilger vs Pollard on Israel’s Med Massacre

The Daily Mirror today published a debate between John Pilger and Stephen Pollard on whether ‘Israel is a rogue state’. Pollard, the editor of the Jewish Chronicle, sought to defend Israel’s actions and asked: ‘The real question here is why … Continue reading

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