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Standing Up To UK Government Extremism

Yesterday, the Home Secretary, Sajid Javed, gave a speech in London on “Confronting Extremism Together”. At a time when nationalist attitudes are on the rise in Europe and we have a US President whose open bigotry and stoking of white … Continue reading

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MoS:”Death Threats to UK’s Top Muslim MP Who Voted For Gay Marriage”

Today’s edition of the Mail on Sunday has published a story about the threats and vilification that Sadiq Khan has been subjected to since he voted in favour of allowing civil marriages for gay couples. A religious leader called Mufti … Continue reading

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Prevent review to sideline ‘extremists’

There has been a vigorous campaign in the UK these past few years by assorted groups and key individuals to block the political engagement of Muslim organisations. Hence the campaign against the MCB and others (mirroring the similar campaign against … Continue reading

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Why would someone join Anjem Choudary’s group?

Ever wondered why someone would actually join Anjem Choudary’s band of followers who seem to delight in offending others? Well, BBC3 are airing a documentary tonight called ‘My Brother The Islamist’ made by the step brother of one chap who did just … Continue reading

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Usama Hasan and the evolution controversy

I have a post up on Cif at the moment about the ongoing controversy surrounding Usama Hasan and his views on evolution. Do contribute to the discussion there or add your comments below on this thread if you prefer. Here … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg distances himself from idiot Cameron on multiculturalism

The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, today delivered a very important speech in Luton entitled ‘An Open, Confident Society: The Application of Muscular Liberalism in a Multicultural Society’ in which he wisely distanced himself from some of the comments made by … Continue reading

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Pakistan continues descent into hell

What can one say about the tragic assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti, the sole Christian member of the Pakistani cabinet? What a tragedy that Pakistan – which was specifically created as a haven for Muslims in the subcontinent – has turned into … Continue reading

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