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Review: Resurrection – Ertugrul

For the first time ever, I have engaged in the somewhat dubious activity known as binge-watching. Truthfully, I just couldn’t help it and trust me neither will you. Resurrection: Ertugrul – a number one show in its native Turkey – … Continue reading

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Palestine: Some Scattered Thoughts

Just some scattered thoughts before I head off to work so apologies if any lack of coherence. 1. Back in 1988, during the first Palestinian Intifada (uprising), I was shocked at just how defenceless the Palestinians were. They were an … Continue reading

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Daily Telegraph apologises for bullshit Iran story

  Last September I blogged about how the Daily Telegraph had just printed a nonsense story alleging that Iran was bankrolling the Turkish AK Party. The Telegraph’s story – by one of its longtime bullshitters, Con Coughlin – came at a … Continue reading

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