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British Muslims and the IS Blame Game

It is an incredible and baffling story. Why would three UK Muslim mothers take their nine children away from Britain and to live in war-torn Syria? Admittedly, their home town was Bradford, but nevertheless! The Prime Minister David Cameron, urged … Continue reading

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Cameron Threatens War Against Iran – Again

Our idiot Prime Minister, David Cameron, is quoted in the Jewish Chronicle as threatening Iran with war if Iran does not stop its nuclear programme – which Iran insists is for peaceful energy purposes. Speaking at a Jewish fundraising dinner, … Continue reading

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Egyptians Win: Our Idiot PM David Cameron Loses

One person who will certainly not be happy with the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood”s Muhammad Mursi in Egypt’s first ever free Presidential election will be our twit of a Prime Minister, David Cameron. Back in February 2011, soon after … Continue reading

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PM Cameron Silent about ‘Muscular Liberalism’ on Visit to Saudi Arabia

What a twat David Cameron is. Back in February last year, in his infamous Munich speech, David Cameron outlined his government’s approach towards UK Muslims. He said that his government would not work with Muslims who did not support democracy, … Continue reading

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The Curious Relationship Between the CST and the Home Office

An article on the Guardian’s website today provides very important background about why the government acted to ban and subsequently arrest the Palestinian activist Shaykh Raed Salah almost three months ago. I wrote at the time that the Home Office … Continue reading

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Peter Oborne lists three main challenges facing Cameron

Peter Oborne – in a characteristically thoughtful piece in today’s Daily Telegraph – lists three main challenges that he believes David Cameron faces in his premiership. “…if he is fully to emerge from the sewer into which his News International … Continue reading

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Prevent review to sideline ‘extremists’

There has been a vigorous campaign in the UK these past few years by assorted groups and key individuals to block the political engagement of Muslim organisations. Hence the campaign against the MCB and others (mirroring the similar campaign against … Continue reading

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