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Why Anti-Evolution Religionists Will Lose Against Science

A number of you got in touch with me following my recent series of posts about evolution and asked for a good book recommendation on the topic. I picked out Prof. Kenneth R. Miller’s Finding Darwin’s God because when I … Continue reading

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My BBC Online Debate On Evolution With A Christian Creationist

The BBC Religion & Ethics website have just published my online debate with Pastor Greg Haslam of the Westminster Chapel about evolution and religion. Greg Haslam is a Christian creationist who believes the universe was created around 10,000 years ago … Continue reading

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Usama Hasan and the evolution controversy

I have a post up on Cif at the moment about the ongoing controversy surrounding Usama Hasan and his views on evolution. Do contribute to the discussion there or add your comments below on this thread if you prefer. Here … Continue reading

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