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Christopher Hitchens – The World Is A Better Place Without Him

I thought the Guardian’s coverage yesterday of Christopher Hitchens’ death was a bit unbalanced. There was a long fawning article by his friend Ian McEwan and a much shorter piece by Frances Stonor Saunders that was a bit more critical … Continue reading

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Our Jewish Ambassador to Israel and the Plot to Attack Iran

Craig Murray has uncovered an astonishing story about the current UK Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould (pictured above in 2010, second from right, at a Leeds Zionist Federation meeting of all places), his connections with the pro-Israeli lobbyist Adam Werritty … Continue reading

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Norway and the ‘Islamist’ bombing bullshit

Craig Murray writes about ‘Islamophobia run wild’ in connection with the appalling reporting on our news channels and a lot of the press about yesterday’s bombing and killings in Norway. Do read it in full. Update: Someone has just sent … Continue reading

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Craig Murray on the killing of Cengiz Songur

Craig Murray has written a very moving and troubling piece about the death of Cengiz Songur (above). Cengiz was one of several Turkish nationals killed by the Israeli commandos who boarded the Mavi Marmara aid flotilla last summer. Craig has just … Continue reading

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David Trimble and the sham Israeli ‘investigation’

Craig Murray has a good post up today on his blog about why David Trimble can be relied upon to help Israel in its cover-up ‘investigation’ of the events that led to the killing of nine members of the Gaza … Continue reading

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