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Daily Telegraph apologises for bullshit Iran story

  Last September I blogged about how the Daily Telegraph had just printed a nonsense story alleging that Iran was bankrolling the Turkish AK Party. The Telegraph’s story – by one of its longtime bullshitters, Con Coughlin – came at a … Continue reading

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Coughlin’s story about Iran’s alleged $25 million donation to AK Party disappears from Telegraph website

Well, what a surprise. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Daily Telegraph’s Con Coughlin and his laughably piss-poor story alleging that Iran had donated $25 million to Turkey’s ruling AK Party. Coughlin’s story was noticeably missing any … Continue reading

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Con Coughlin on Iran’s ‘$25 million donation’ to Turkey’s ruling party

The Daily Telegraph’s Con Coughlin has written an interesting article about an alleged donation of $25 million by Iran’s government to Turkey’s ruling AK Party. The article is interesting because it tells you far more about the reporter, Con Coughlin, … Continue reading

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