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Standing Up To UK Government Extremism

Yesterday, the Home Secretary, Sajid Javed, gave a speech in London on “Confronting Extremism Together”. At a time when nationalist attitudes are on the rise in Europe and we have a US President whose open bigotry and stoking of white … Continue reading

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The Folly of Funding the Community Security Trust

 The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, delivered a speech this week at the annual dinner of the Community Security Trust (CST) – the Jewish charity that works to ensure the safety of the British Jewish community. During the speech, Rudd announced … Continue reading

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Shaykh Raed Salah Wins Appeal Against Home Office Deportation Order

Good news from MEMO: the Palestinian leader, Shaykh Raed Salah, who you may recall was arrested in the UK in June 2011 while on a speaking tour, after the Home Office issued a banning order against him, has won his … Continue reading

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The Curious Relationship Between the CST and the Home Office

An article on the Guardian’s website today provides very important background about why the government acted to ban and subsequently arrest the Palestinian activist Shaykh Raed Salah almost three months ago. I wrote at the time that the Home Office … Continue reading

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