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Who’s Afraid of President Erdogan?

Last month, Turkey held both Presidential and parliamentary elections. They were – according to Al-Jazeera – the 14th elections that the incumbent President Erdogan has taken part in and “he has won them all”. It is a truly remarkable record. … Continue reading

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Review: Resurrection – Ertugrul

For the first time ever, I have engaged in the somewhat dubious activity known as binge-watching. Truthfully, I just couldn’t help it and trust me neither will you. Resurrection: Ertugrul – a number one show in its native Turkey – … Continue reading

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Coughlin’s story about Iran’s alleged $25 million donation to AK Party disappears from Telegraph website

Well, what a surprise. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Daily Telegraph’s Con Coughlin and his laughably piss-poor story alleging that Iran had donated $25 million to Turkey’s ruling AK Party. Coughlin’s story was noticeably missing any … Continue reading

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Con Coughlin on Iran’s ‘$25 million donation’ to Turkey’s ruling party

The Daily Telegraph’s Con Coughlin has written an interesting article about an alleged donation of $25 million by Iran’s government to Turkey’s ruling AK Party. The article is interesting because it tells you far more about the reporter, Con Coughlin, … Continue reading

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Reconciling Islamic values and Democracy

I have a post on Cif at the moment about ongoing attempts amongst Islamic movements to try and reconcile Islamic values and democracy, the sovereignty of God vs the sovereignty of the people etc.

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