Ayatullah Khamenei’s Friday Jumu’ah sermon – with English translation

The Iranian channel Press TV has uploaded the entire footage of the  sermon – click on the pic above – delivered by the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatullah Khamenei at the Friday congregational prayer in Tehran on 17th January 2020.

The sermon dealt with two important issues that have faced their nation in recent weeks: the assassination by the United States of the Iranian General Qasim Sulaymani and the tragic shooting down of the Ukrainian passenger plane by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

It is not often on our Western TV screens that we get to hear the Iranian leadership’s point of view concerning recent events so the sermon which is about an hour long and includes an English translation is definitely worth watching.

We sometimes forget that the secret services of the UK and the USA orchestrated the overthrow of the democratically elected Iranian leader Muhammad Musaddiq in 1953 (after he nationalised Iran’s oil industry – how dare he, eh?) and that this has coloured the perception of Iranians about the UK and USA ever since. Just imagine the reaction if the reverse had happened and the Iranian secret services had orchestrated the overthrow of the UK government! But we are so conditioned by our media and politicians to accept that Western meddling in the affairs of the Middle Eastern nations is perfectly normal and acceptable that we do not react with outrage at the behaviour of our own governments.

Similarly, with the recent assassination of the Iranian General Qasim Sulaymani: Just imagine if the reverse had happened and that the Iranians had assassinated an equivalent high ranking official of the United States and had openly celebrated it. However, once again, we have been conditioned to accept that illegal and murderous behaviour on the part of the United States is perfectly acceptable and even to be praised.

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