Did The Evening Standard Libel MEND Today?

There are a number of articles in today’s papers condemning the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for refusing to attend a dinner tonight with the right-wing Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The dinner is to celebrate (!) the 100th anniversary of the tragic Balfour Declaration (which led directly to the displacement and disenfranchisement of millions of native Palestinians, but let’s whitewash that). Corbyn is weirdly being condemned for having the guts  to stand up and refuse to endorse such a colonial disaster, and is also condemned for agreeing to speak at an event marking the launch of Islamophobia Awareness Month, hosted by the organisation MEND.

Such mendacity on the part of the anti-left media should come as no surprise. They, of course, do not criticise the Prime Minister Theresa May for attending a dinner with Netanyahu to celebrate the racist Balfour Declaration and the calamity it has caused ever since for the Palestinians.

What caught my eyes earlier today was one particular allegation made against MEND by the Evening Standard claiming that it had been allegedly condemned by the large umbrella body the Muslim Council of Britain for “organising boycotts of Holocaust Memorial Day.”

I was a spokesperson at the MCB for a number of years and am well aware of the controversy surrounding HMD, but I don’t ever recall the MCB making such a nonsensical and almost certainly libellous claim. So, why would the Evening Standard print such a thing?

Well, as it happens, later editions of the same Evening Standard story appeared without the offending paragraph. Could it be that the Evening Standard had belatedly realised that this was perhaps one lie too many?

In any case, I had already captured the original article which bore a time stamp of 07:43 AM.

I very much hope that MEND will seek immediate legal advice regarding the publication of what appears to be a very serious libel indeed.

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