India’s “Cow Protection Vigilantes” Lynch Muslim Man

This week, a group of five Muslims were badly beaten up by a 200-strong Hindu “cow protection vigilante” mob in India and one of the Muslims, Pehlu Khan (who can be seen in the above shocking video of the attack), later died of his injuries.

According to the Guardian:

Gangs of “cow protectors” have been implicated in killing at least 10 people in the past two years as the welfare of the animal has become an increasingly charged issue in Indian politics.

It is horrifying that people can still be killed in 2017 in this barbaric manner. India’s increasingly assertive Hindu political groups have been very bad news for secularism in that country and very bad news for minority groups.

The above news highlights why secular states which do not discriminate on the basis of religion, ethnicity, gender or sexuality, are to be preferred above any type of religious state, Hindu, Islamic or otherwise.

It is surely better to live in a state where you can freely eat a beef burger if you wish and can avoid eating it if you wish, instead of that choice – or indeed your life – being taken away from you by religious groups.

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