Israeli Plot To “Take Down” Tory Minister Makes UK Headlines


An Israeli Embassy official in the UK, Shai Masot, has been captured on undercover film talking about “taking down” the Deputy Foreign Secretary, Sir Alan Duncan, because he is “doing a lot of problems”. Masot also described the UK’s Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, as “an idiot” who was a good friend of Israel but “if something real happened…it would be Duncan.”

Masot was also captured on film separately with the Labour MP and member of the Labour Friends of Israel, Joan Ryan, saying that he had obtained “more than £1 million” to pay for sympathetic Labour MPs to visit Israel.

The story has been published on the front page of today’s Mail on Sunday – who also publish full transcripts of the conversations – and is also carried by a number of other major media outlets including the Observer, the Sunday Telegraph and the BBC.

Sir Alan Duncan is a well known critic of Israel’s illegal Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories and in October 2014 he delivered a speech at the Royal United Services Institute in which he was scathing about the illegal settlements. Duncan said:

“No settlement endorser should be considered fit to stand for election, remain a member of a mainstream political party or sit in a Parliament. How can we accept lawmakers in our country, or any country, when they support lawbreakers in another? They are extremists, and they should be treated as such…Many settlers are state-sponsored militia, defying international law, driving out the rightful inhabitants from their land, and creating an illegal economy at the expense of those who have been cruelly displaced”.

The undercover footage was filmed by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit and is part of a four part documentary called “The Lobby” that is scheduled to be aired on Jan 15-18.

The Israeli Embassy has issued a statement saying that their Ambassador, Mark Regev, has apologized to Sir Alan Duncan and have added that Shai Masot “will be ending his term of employment with the Embassy shortly.”

Back in 2009, Channel Four’s Dispatches series broadcast an episode called “Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby” presented by the seasoned journalist, Peter Oborne, in which he looked at how the Israeli lobby operates in the UK. The episode can still be viewed at this link.

Update 1: Maria Strizzolo – the senior civil servant and former aide to Robert Halfon MP (who was himself previously the Political Director at the Conservative Friends of Israel) – has resigned following the release of video footage showing her discussing the “taking down” of Sir Alan Duncan. This is good news for those who are appalled at how Israel is trying to undermine British democracy. However, as Craig Murray has asked: why has the Israeli Embassy official, Shai Mosat, not yet been expelled by the UK government?

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5 Responses to Israeli Plot To “Take Down” Tory Minister Makes UK Headlines

  1. Ash says:

    Zionist Lobby in control of the British establishment no surprises there.

    • That’s not what I wrote. The very fact that this Israeli Embassy official was seeking ways to “take down” Sir Alan Duncan shows that the Israeli lobby does not “control” the British establishment.

  2. Ash says:

    I would beg to differ, they take down anyone who refuses to come under their control like this Alan Duncan character…. Everyone from the American Presidential candidates to the Mayor of London are required to pledge allegiance to Israel. Or be villified and smeared like the Labour Leader.

  3. Ahmed Khan says:

    Our dear friend Mohammed Amin (the jolly guest of Ragev at the Israeli Eid Reception and wannabe SG of MCB), who coincidentally was recently seen using a urinal, has finally come out of the closet with his adulation for Quilliam, by joining its circle.

    • Ash says:

      No surprises there either…Confirms what Muslims already been saying for years about this guy.Governments been using the same system that was used against the Black Community in America by the FBI called COINTELPRO. Try to hijack mainstream representative organisations by planting there agents in charge or within the sphere of influence as they tried to do with putting this Mohammed Amin guy incharge of MCB.

      Secondly setup advocacy and rights organisations trying to give an illusion to the Muslims that they are independent when infact they are establishment and Zionist funded. “Tell Mama, Imams On Line, Faith Matters etc”.

      Thirdly fund organistations openly hostile to the Muslims community such as Quilliam Foundation, Sufi Muslim Council, Council Of ex-Muslims, to many of them to name.

      Fourthly fund and support extreme white supremacist organisations EDL, Pegida, Stop Islamisation Of Europe, Britain First etc…to vilify the Muslims the fact Zionists are funding neo-nazi organisations Across Europe has also been exposed.

      Fifthly fund … Agent Provacateurs such as Anjem Choudhry, Omar Bakri etc. Have them appear on Main Stream Media to help Demonise the Muslims and incite acts of violence and extremism against the west.

      Sixthly fund deniers of the obvious like our Dear Old “Libertyphile” have them appear everywhere to pretend non of this is really happening.

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