Congratulations to Sadiq Khan – An Inspiration to UK Muslims


Despite a very dirty Tory campaign which sought to portray him as a friend of extremists, Sadiq Khan is poised to win the long and tough campaign to be the new Mayor of London.

It is wonderful news and hugely symbolic to see the son of a Pakistani bus driver having worked hard through the grassroots of the Labour Party to become the Mayor of the UK’s capital. It is also a powerful counter-narrative to the anti-Western propaganda of the likes of ISIS. Many younger British Muslims will surely see Sadiq Khan’s victory today and wonder whether they too could play an active role in the politics of our country. That has to be a good thing.

Sadiq certainly had many detractors from within the UK’s Muslim community, not least due to his support for gay marriage. As I argued at the time, Sadiq’s support for gay marriage was a principled position in favour of equality and against discrimination and it was the right and progressive thing to do.

Nevertheless, that stand cost him the support of the many Muslims, not least his own local Imam Suliman Gani. When it comes to supporting bigotry and making excuses for unfair discrimination, it is regrettable that the most overtly religious amongst Muslims often tend to be at the front of the queue.

I remember Sadiq as a new Labour MP who withstood immense internal Labour Party pressure back in November 2005 when he opposed Tony Blair’s plan to detain terror suspects for up to 90 days without trial. It was a very courageous stand and at the time he was told by a number of senior Labour figures that his career was effectively over for having had the audacity to defy the Labour Prime Minister at the time.

So, congratulations Sadiq! Hope you do us all proud, insha’ Allah.


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26 Responses to Congratulations to Sadiq Khan – An Inspiration to UK Muslims

  1. Ash says:

    Maybe a great day for deviants and government funded muppets certainly not a great day for Muslims. Sadiq Khan who bent over backwards to endorse the propaganda of the Islamaphobes and against the Muslim community, all in an effort to prove he is a bigger Islamaphobe then his opponent.

    This Sadiq Khan character has a track record of this, most notably his endorsement of the Sun newspapers now discredited article accusing ” 1 in 5 Muslims” of supporting ISIS…Can’t think of a previous election where two equally “repellant” candidates have contested it. One desperately race baiting to try and get elected, the other so spineless and cowardly that he is unwilling to speak out against the consistent public lynching and Islamaphobia directed against the muslim community that his parents originate from but infact he was pro-actively being complicit in it.

    Probably an even greater day for the Islamaphobic media, they now have their own House Slave who they can turn to at the ready, to help endorse and validate their bigotry.

    As for you inayat, your remarks are to put it in your own words “Narrow-Minded crap and tedious” by the minute…Only surprising thing here is that you have not joined the Quilliam foundation yet.
    Or maybe they have not offered you a position.

  2. Brendan says:

    Totally Agree with your points, the boy has certainly ‘dun good’

  3. Khalad Hussain says:

    A case of religionising? Is Sadiq Khan a Muslim, a Pakistani or an MP, now elected Mayor of diverse London?

    • Ash says:

      Sadiq Khan is a product of the policies and strategies implemented by, Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay, a vile Colonial extremist,from British India. “Mcaulayism” is commonly referred to is a method of Colonising the Mind by a relentless propoganda and villification of their heritage
      roots, religion and culture, there by instilling an inferiority complex amongst the one who has been colonised that have been Colonised , until he reaches the stage were he has a distorted understanding of his own roots and heritage, and attacks them with a more fanatical Zeal then the colonialists themselves.

      You only have to look at the list of Inayat Bunglawalas top ten books of all time to realise
      he is a product of Mcaulayism as well…His endorsement and comments regarding the following book written by a fanatical hater of Islam and Muslims Montogomery Watt which he listed at number (4) is a case in point..!

      (4) Muhammad at Mecca/Muhammad at Medina by W. Montgomery Watt

      “Many Muslim-authored biographies of the Prophet Muhammad suffer from being too hagiographical, while Watt’s two- volume book appears to be fair and balanced in comparison.”

      Inayats Top Ten books

      • Usman M. says:

        Spot on. So-called Muslims like Bunglawala and Sadiq Khan are the delight of the neocolonialists. What kind of a vile man is Bunglawala to credit Montgomery Watt, of all the orientalist hate figures and preachers of hate and White Man Superiority, over genuine and true works of seerah?

        This Bunglawala is a miscreant angling for a job at Quillam or Prevent post MCB. UNCLE Tom coconut hollow shell of a man.

      • Two questions for you (I’ll ignore the insults):

        1. Have you actually read the two-part biography of the Prophet Muhammad by W. M. Watt which you so condemned? I met Watt at his home in Edinburgh in 1997 and got him to sign my copies. I treasure them to this day.

        2. How old was the Prophet’s wife Khadijah when she married him?

        • Ash says:

          The Question Inayat would be are you familiar with the figure mentioned in all books of Seerah, Abdullah Bin Ubay Bin Salul? Has it not become quite obvious to you that Sadiq Khan rather then being representative of Muslims, is a descendant is a Saluli.

          Were your following comments in the above article meant as a joke..” Many younger British Muslims will surely see Sadiq Khan’s victory today and wonder whether they too could play an active role in the politics of our country. That has to be a good thing.”

          Yes they will wonder whether they will in order to become elected have to denounce their roots their heritage,endorse Islamaphobia and become Islamaphobes, and drivel at the feet of the fanatical Zionist and Homosexual Lobbies in the Media.

          They will also wonder if the best way to get elected is that when attacks are made against Islam, and Muslims offer full succour and sustenance for those attacks and come out and state that “There is absolute freedom to offend” “Muslims have a false sense of Victimisation”. When the Zionist controlled media makes false and fabricated claims of Anti-Semitimism to deflect attention from legitimate criticisms of Israeli attrocities .. suddenly take the contrarian position and state: This is unacceptable no one has the right to offend the Zionists by mentioning Israels Barbaric treatment of Palestinians.

          How on earth are you endorsing this Character? Atleast show some integrity and write about the hypocritical and disgusting behaviour Sadiq Khan has shown in order to get elected . I firmly believe the Conservative Party deliberatey ran their campaign in a divisive manner to help Sadiq Khan, get elected…. After all a House slave like Mr.Khan will be able to launch attacks on muslims that a non-muslim would not be able to.

          • So, in short, after all that lengthy invective directed against W. M. Watt, you admit you have not read any book he has written. No surprise there. In my experience, Muslim extremists are not very bright.

            • Ash says:

              On the contrary I have read the above mentioned books by Watt along with his other works, Islamic Philosophy And Theology.. Islamic Political Thought. Albeit 25 or so years years ago. Plus I already posted a clarification concering my remarks on Montgomery Watt,in the post below in which I mentioned your editorship of Trends.
              No in my experience ex-muslim who have become atheists are not very bright. Labelling main stream Muslims as extremists, and Normative Islam as a extremism. Thinking they are very clever and fooling Muslims as to what they represent, whatsmore they seem rather spineless and cowardly unwilling to acknowledge their faith or lack of.. . Instead trying to use subterfuge, by pretending to be muslims in order to accrue government dollars.

              • In that case how about answering my two questions directly?

                • Ash says:

                  (1) I already answered number one above.
                  (2) As for the age of Khadijah(ra) there are several differing views according to Waqidi she was 40 and that is the most commonly mentioned age , however ibnu Ishaq mentiond 28 years, I have read others who have mentioned as low as 25 and as high as 45.

                  So now how about you do some answering?, We dont need the history section of Al Azhar for this….

                  (1) Why are you blindly and unequivocally supporting Sadiq Khan when his rhetoric and campaign in trying to get elected, by pandering to Islamaphobes and Zionists in order to get elected has been disgraceful, to say the least, you dont need to refer to Orientalists like Montgomery Watt or Cantwell Smith…Sadiq Khans campaign has been done in full public view????

                  (2) Secondly are the views you hold Mainstream Islamic views or fringe?

                  • So, you agree that Khadijah could have been much younger than the commonly held belief that she was 40 years old when she married the Prophet? W. M. Watt in his “Muhammad in Makka” points out that Khadijah went on to bear the Prophet Muhammad seven children (a number of whom died very young) so it is likely that the age of 40 has perhaps been exaggerated or incorrectly stated by some Muslim sources. Is he being a despicable anti-Muslim commentator when he says that, or is he making a reasonable observation given the information we have at hand?

                    Regarding Sadiq Khan – I have known him for over ten years and have always found him to be a sensible, balanced, calm and intelligent fellow. Your characterisation of him as “pandering to Islamophobes and Zionists” is nonsense and ignores his long history of campaigning for human rights and against racism.

                    Regarding my own views: I am quite sure that my views on evolution, free speech and the freedom to offend (eg Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses), gay rights are not majority views amongst UK Muslims. I am confident, however, that in time, they will be majority views. Just as the C of E has evolved its views over the decades, there is every likelihood that views amongst UK Muslims too will evolve over time regarding these issues.

                    • Usman M. says:

                      The ‘evolution’ you refer to is the inevitable direction of White non-Muslims liberal thought – which has an end result of everything and anything goes on the basis of the harm principle.

                      That is not Islam. As Abdul Hakim Murad eloquently says, when such views become resounding shrieks of demands to conform to what is wrong, wrong, wrong by Islam – it is time to withdraw from such ugliness and state: We believe what is true.

                      Homosexuality is an abomination and a vile evil. That is the truth. Keep pandering to them, Bunglawala. You sure never did a thing to condemn rampant homosexual abuse of children in Madaaris in your time with the MCB.

                      You, sir, are a MUnafiq and nothing but.

                    • Ash says:

                      (1) The Arab Christian Scholar Edward Said.. in his book on Orientalism , wrote at length on the inherent bias and prejudice,of the Orientalists.
                      So for someone to try and present Montgomery Watt as a greater authority on the Seerah, then all the great Muslims Scholars from east to west who spent their lives studying this field, shows nothing more then an inferiority complex.

                      (2) Your defence of Sadiq Khan seems very similar to the one put across by supporters of Dr Usamah Hasan, when he first started pandering to the Islamaphobes and Zionists…As time went on his most ardent supporters were forced to admit, that the genial and affable Dr Usamah had completely lost the plot.

                      (3) Certainly Possible, that was the historical strategy of the European Colonialists to create an Islam that was watered down and Muslims with colonialised mindsets. To date it has completely met with failure, the few who fall into this Modernist category are seen as nothing more then deviants, heretics, crackpots and worse as government agents by the wider community…Possible with more and more individuals of this type emerging but not anytime soon.

  4. Ash says:

    Just a correction in the above I stated unfairly that Montgomery Watt was a “Fanatical hater of Islam and Muslims” I got him mixed with a different Orientalist.. Although Watt was a heavily biased in many of his writings against Islam as is the case with most Orientalists.

    At the same time I will correct the first paragraph in the above post I intented to say … Sadiq Khan is a product of the policies and strategies intially introduced and implemented by, Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay, a vile Colonial extremist,from British India. “Mcaulayism” is commonly referred to as a method of Colonising the Mind of people of Non-European ethnicity by relentless propaganda ridicule and villification aimed at their heritage, religion and culture, there by instilling within them an inferiority complex , until they reach the stage that they are fully brainwashed with a distorted understanding of their own roots and heritage, and attack it with a more fanatical Zeal then the colonialists themselves.

    As for My comments on Inayat, they might be a little harsh but certainly does himself no favours by endorsing various dodgy and deviant characters.. For those of us who read Mr.Bunglawalas articles nearly two decades when he was an Editor of a publication called Trends, his transformation seems highly baffling.

    • Trends was 20 years ago. People change over time as they learn more about life and through their experiences. Not very surprising really.

      • Usman M. says:

        And yet it is only the hypocrite who changes his very principles and proudly contradicts Islamic and Muslim consensus.

        If you have children, you are a pox and shame on them and to your poor, pitiable parents.

  5. Khalid says:

    Let’s divulge all the facts, he went onto support 42 (sounds as draconian today as it did then) detention without trial and opposed Chilcot, having said that we are pragmatists and as somebody actually engaged in grassroot community work in London I can assure you that on the whole the Muslim community was mobilised to support the winning and most worthy candidate, as in 2008 and 2012, mainstream Muslim community institutions, organisations, stakeholders and community activists played their constructive part in getting people registered and informed before their entry into the polling booth. And we were brave enough to highlight the malicious Tory campaign whilst it was in progress unlike the real colonised and self-hating Conservative Forum Muslims who only realised it’s vindictive nature after the event had passed.

  6. Usman M. says:

    Seriously Bunglawala, you must clearly think yourself to be a homosexual to keep banging on about this adinfinitum.

    Get this straight, you Uncle Tom hypocrite – Muslims are not the problem when it comes to persecution of homosexuals. There is no gay bashing or fiery tirades against homosexuals amongst Muslims in the West. These are all Christian, and white, problems.

    Do we avoid them because of their filthy, unnatural lifestyle? Sure. Do we sat homosexuality is wrong and that homosexual ‘marriage’ can never exist? Absolutely. As Abdul Hakim Mural says, we must never be bullied by liberal fascists and tools of Western imperialism like you who seek to enforce and force upon everyone liberal thinking and beliefs – themselves always in flux.

    People like you are oft-mentioned in the Qur’an: those who sold their Aakhirah for a worldly pittance, seeking to please humans. You’re an old man, Bunglawala, decrepit in mo more than a decade.

    You could have left it at ‘islam has no role in British legislation, therefore Shar’i rules on what defines marriage have no context or relevance to UK legislation’. But no. You had to be an actual cheerleader fir homosexuals and their pseudo marriages and actually *attack Muslims with the integrity to say: No. We believe what we know is true.* You are a vile sycophant, Bunglawala. Good riddance to seeing your ugly name splashed about everywhere and your ugly mind dominating the MCB.

    • Gashlycrumb says:

      Usman M.,

      Why, in your view, is homosexual marriage is wrong?

      • Usman M. says:

        Perhaps learn English before mangling it and asking a vile rhetorical question justifying homosexual marriage.

        There is no legitimacy to homosexuality. The insertion of the penis into the rear passage is an abomination that nearly all cultures recognised as a disease and crime throughout all of history.

        That is, until the White Post-Colonialist came along with his liberal fascism and legitimized it: and now demands we, too, also believe this.

        Humanity has always accepted homosexuality as wrong until the White Man has today decided it is not. Any sane person will stick with humanity’s consistent narrative of the past on this – just as it does on incest (until the White Master justifies this, too). And for a Muslim, who knows Islam to be reality, not only truth – this condemnation is clear from the Creator of All Himself.

        When Creation begs to differ with Creator, it is the fool like Bunglawala who sides with Creation.

        • Gashlycrumb says:

          Usman M.,

          Thanks for the advice about learning English – I’ll certainly give it a go.

          Well, I’ve read what you wrote and you mention cultures and religion, the impression I get is that you’re simply following the flock. Is that it?, are you just a sheep or do you have a real reason, or maybe you doth …

          • Usman M. says:

            What the hell are you even saying? Can you try to be coherent?

            • Gashlycrumb says:

              Usman M.,


              “There is no legitimacy to homosexuality. The insertion of the penis into the rear passage is an abomination that nearly all cultures recognised as a disease and crime throughout all of history.”

              In what way is there no legitimacy?

              How do you define abomination, crime and disease in this context and in how does the insertion of a penis into a rear passage qualify?

  7. Ash says:

    The First thing Sadiq Khan did after getting elected is to pledge allegiance to Israel and share a platform with the Israeli Terrorist Mark Regev…! So now The House Slave Sadiq Khan is crawling like a vile dog at the feet of the Zionists in order to curry favour with the Zionist controlled media in the West.

    Even more bizarreley he claims the very real and relentless vilification of Muslims on a daily basis is non-existent. Whilst endorsing expressing the imagined and non-existent “anti-Semitimism” claims of the Zionist Lobby.

    Here is what Someone posted on the net as regards this Character.
    So many people are over the moon, celebrating just because ‘a Muslim man won’ but they all forget what he did in the process;
    •His comments on hijab
    •His treatment of Sheikh Suliman Gani
    •His abandonment of Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan
    •His endorsement of a ‘Tel Aviv/ Israel festival’ in London
    •His opposition to BDS
    •His comments on CAGE
    •Voting to legalise same sex marriage (even going against the wishes of his constituents)
    •His support of the Islamophobic “1 in 5 Muslims” support terrorists story
    •His ‘Muslim extremism’ rhetoric
    Etc etc.

  8. LibertyPhile says:

    I asked a young friend in a typical capitalist job – high level corporate selling – who he would vote for. To my surprise he replied, with a touch of vehemence, that he was voting for Khan.

    The cause of this leftward leap was the struggle he and his fiancé had in finding somewhere to live which gave both of them a reasonable commute to work in the City area.

    A little while later I came across the details of a very nice three bedroom apartment, in South West London, beyond Putney, Wandsworth, super location, and a lovely view. £7.5m! (seven and a half million pounds)

    If Khan can make a significant impact on problems like this he could well end up prime minister.

    In fact, given the venom spat at him by the “genuine” Muslims commenting here, I might even vote for him.

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