Bradford Man Admits Killing Ahmadi Shopkeeper

Police on Minard Road, Shawlands, Glasgow, investigating the death of popular shop keeper Asad Shah following an incident at his shop. March 25, 2016. See SWNS story SWMUSLIM; A popular Muslim shopkeeper has been stabbed to death in the street - just four hours after wishing "a very happy Easter to my beloved Christian nation". Peace-loving Asad Shah, 40, was set upon with a knife and had his head stamped on in a shocking attack outside his Glasgow newsagents shop just after 9pm last night (Thurs). The appalling attack came just hours after deeply religious Mr Shah, who was keen to reach out from the Muslim community to Christian neighbours, posted heartfelt Easter messages on social media. And the messages revealed that he was today (Friday) due to be hosting a Google hangout with Christian friends about the importance of Easter.

Various news outlets including the BBC are reporting that Tanveer Ahmed, 32 – the Bradford man arrested and charged with murdering the Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah – has admitted killing him for allegedly “disrespecting” Islam.

Ahmed’s lawyer, John Rafferty, said that his client had instructed him to release the following statement:

My client Mr Tanveer Ahmed has specifically instructed me that today, 6 April 2016, to issue this statement to the press, the statement is in the words of my client.

“This all happened for one reason and no other issues and no other intentions.

“Asad Shah disrespected the messenger of Islam the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Mr Shah claimed to be a Prophet.

“When 1400 years ago the Prophet of Islam Muhammad peace be upon him has clearly said that ‘I am the final messenger of Allah there is no more prophets or messengers from God Allah after me.

“‘I am leaving you the final Quran. There is no changes. It is the final book of Allah and this is the final completion of Islam. There is no more changes to it and no one has the right to claim to be a Prophet or to change the Quran or change Islam.’

“It is mentioned in the Quran that there is no doubt in this book no one has the right to disrespect the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and no one has the right to disrespect the Prophet of Islam Muhammad Peace be upon him.

“If I had not done this others would and there would have been more killing and violence in the world.

“I wish to make it clear that the incident was nothing at all to do with Christianity or any other religious beliefs even although I am a follower of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him I also love and respect Jesus Christ.”

It is a truly horrifying statement.

The murdered man, Asad Shah, was an Ahmadi – a sect which believes that a 19th century Indian religious teacher called Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, was a prophet. Ahmadis are routinely persecuted in Pakistan. To find evidence that the scourge of that same vile sectarianism that has so riven Pakistan now arising in the UK, is frightening.

There has long been a problem with almost all modern interpretations of Islam and the concept of freedom of speech. The Salman Rushdie Affair demonstrated just how much of a problem many Muslims still have with freedom. Often it is argued away by saying “We believe in freedom but not the freedom to insult religion.” But that is a nonsense – freedom of expression has to include the right to say things which others might find very distasteful about religion, otherwise it is hardly freedom. That is the only way a world which contains followers of so many different religions can function. That is a key lesson of the Enlightenment – which sadly has yet to cast its light on much of the Muslim world.

People are free to regard Ahmadis as being non-Muslims – that is their right. To persecute them on that account, however, is just revolting.

One can only hope that those who are prepared to use this kind of violence to try and intimidate others who disagree with their beliefs are brought to justice before they can commit their awful crimes and that they are given a very long prison sentence indeed where they can coolly reflect on their interpretation of religion and the harm it can cause others.

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10 Responses to Bradford Man Admits Killing Ahmadi Shopkeeper

  1. Ash says:

    The Irony here is that the shop keeper Asad Shah himself was labelled a heretic and deviant by the Ahmedi community, and ex-communicated, after he set up his own sub-sect and declared himself a Prophet.
    Here is Asad Shahs interview on Ahmadi radio

    The Ahmadi community suddenly have decided to take ownership of the Shop Keeper after his killing, for Publicity.

  2. Gashlycrumb says:


    At least they only ex-communicated him. The Irony here is that a devotee of an unsubstantiated prophet murdered an unsubstantiated prophet simply for being an unsubstantiated prophet.

    Very sad time for Mr Shah’s family and friends.

  3. Brendan says:

    What onlookers find puzzling is the eagerness with which this harmless Ahmadi group is openly ‘Takfir’d contrasted with the unwillingness to do the same with groups like Islamic state, Al Qaeda et al

  4. Ash says:

    Isis has had takir’d against them by many Scholars around the world Most notably by the renowned Syrian Scholar Muhammad al Yaqoubi…As for this harmless Ahmadi group it was a pre-cursor to the Quilliam Foundation. This sect was created by the British Colonialists to sow dissension amongst Muslims . The founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Al Qadiyani, himself declared
    Takfir on all Muslims for rejecting him and his teachings similar to how the leaders of Quilliam Foundation have Takfir’d all Mainstream muslims to appease their paymasters,. The group itself does not consider anyone who rejects them as a Muslim, the Ahmadis split into two groups each vying for special attention and funding from the British, one group descending from the son of the founder the other known as the Lahori group, descending from Muhammad Ali Lahori, an academic. Both have declared Takfir against each other.

    Here is the founder himself acknowledging, that he is a “Tree Planted By The British.”
    Mirza Ghulam Ahmed al Qadiyani. States…:”It is not possible to silence those people who seek to cover up the devoted services rendered by my father Mirza Ghulam Murtaza and my brother Mirza Ghulam Qadir, extending over half a century, which are mentioned in Government letters and in Sir Leppel Griffin’s book ‘Chiefs of the Punjab’, and the service rendered in my writings extending over eighteen years and to create a misunderstanding in the minds of the British authorities and to raise a doubt concerning a family that has been loyal to the Government and has wished it well. Some people are determined to convey to the Government false allegations on account of religious differences, or out of jealousy, or spite, or some personal motive. It is requested that the authorities should act with wisdom and caution and after due investigation and attention towards a family whose loyalty and devotion have been well established and concerning whom high officials of Government have always expressed the view in their letters that its members are the well wishers and loyal servants of the British Government and which is a tree planted by itself.”
    Tabligh Risalat, Vol. VII, pp 19-20

    Here is Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Al Qadiyani declaring all Muslims as disbelievers.

    God Almighty has conveyed it to me that every person to whom my call is conveyed and who does not accept me is not a Muslim and is accountable to God for his default.”
    “I do not designate anyone who believes in the Kalimah (declaration of faith) as a kaafir,unless by rejecting me … he becomes a kaafir.”

    The second ‘Khalifah’ of Ahmadiyyah, Mirza Bashir-ud-Deen Mahmood Ahmad said the following:
    “Now, as we hold that the revelation which came to the Promised Messiah are such that their acceptance is obligatory on mankind in general, to us, the man who rejects the Promised Messiah is a kaafir.”
    “…even those who, in their hearts, believe the Promised Messiahs to be true…but hesitate to enter into his bai’at, have here been adjudged to be Kuffar.”

    Furthermore Asad Shah declared himself as a Prophet 2 years ago, and was rejected and Takifir’d by the “Ahmadi” group, suddenly after his Killing they’ve reclaimed him.

    So in summary this religious order was created and funded by the British, once it outlived its usefulness it was quickly abandoned. The Likes of Quilliam foundation, Taj Hargey, Majid Nawaz, Usamah Hassan et al. Should watch out because they will be abandoned sooner or later….Suddenly the Media and establishment and their lackeys have realised the value of this group and have come out feigning sympathy

  5. Novid Shaid says:

    As salaamu alaykum Brother Inayat,

    I made some comments on your blog back in 2013 on the Sadiq Khan death threat article. I have since avoided getting involved in such political and polemical issues on blogs. Could you please delete the comments I made on that thread. Many thanks, Jazak Allahu kheiran

    • AA Novid. I don’t really want to delete anybody’s comments. You are welcome, however, to add a clarification to your original comments to make clear that you no longer hold those views, if that is indeed the case.

      • Usman M. says:

        Stop being a dick. You know full well those comments can harm in academic and work applications and even wiith overzelaous law enforcement.

        Take them off. Have you no honour for your brother, you snake?

  6. Hameed says:

    So the murdered peaceful guy is not a true Muslim but the violent murderer is. Great to know.

  7. Usman M. says:


    I don’t understand your ‘support’ of gay ‘marriage’.

    I too have no concern with gay marriage in Western societies and know that it is of no concern to Muslims- simply because our Islam does not dictate secular society. And also, because this is the inevitable trajectory a liberal society is going to take in its overall goal of freedom to to anything/everything so long as noone is hurt.

    But it only needs be that simple.

    Why you had to go so far as supporting the actual concept of homosexual ‘marriage’ and why yo had to speak in support of them in general speaks to your own weakness as a Muslim.

    Just as this society allows utter freedom to be an atheist, the worst crime there is against God, it allows the abomination that is homosexuality. Of course it does. And if we live here, we must – and do (no Muslims are going about gay-bashing or -attacking) accept this as perfectly normal.

    Fin. Why you had to become a vile little Uncle Tom and hasten to please your Liberati fascist masters only speaks to how much you have forgotten your Hereafter.

    As for Sadiq Khan, may Goldsmith win. No ‘Muslim’ who comes out as anti-Hijab and anti-Niqab can ever be a good choice for Muslims or the British electorate he plays Uncle Tom for.

  8. Usman M. says:

    Wassa matter Bunglawala?

    Cat got your tongue?

    Or you having a pity party in your own Uncle Tom cabin?

    I cannot believe you represented Muslims for as long as you did. You really are human trash – a man with a moral weathervane, nor a compass, directed to and from by his beloved White master.

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