British Muslims and the IS Blame Game


It is an incredible and baffling story. Why would three UK Muslim mothers take their nine children away from Britain and to live in war-torn Syria? Admittedly, their home town was Bradford, but nevertheless!

The Prime Minister David Cameron, urged everyone not to play the blame game and then – ironically – promptly blamed a section of British Muslims for “quietly condoning” IS and urged British Muslims to do more to confront the propaganda of the extremists.

This evening, we now learn that the solicitors for the family are accusing the police of being “complicit” in the radicalisation of the three women by allegedly encouraging them to contact their brother who had already travelled to Syria. More blame.

A couple of days ago, Myriam Francois Cerrah, in an otherwise typically thoughtful piece, blamed “government failings” in allowing the Bradford mothers to leave the UK despite what was known about their brother. For once, it is difficult not to sympathise with the authorities. They get criticised for being too intrusive and heavy-handed in their dealings with UK Muslims, and now for not being intrusive enough and granting the mothers too much freedom.

Ultimately, only the three mothers themselves can tell us about their motivations for leaving the UK for Syria with all the danger that entails for them, their children and their future. I do hope that we will hear from them, not only to better understand this tragic story but perhaps to be able to help others.

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16 Responses to British Muslims and the IS Blame Game

  1. LibertyPhile says:

    “Ultimately, only the three mothers themselves can tell us about their motivations”.

    Very true. It would also be helpful to know the knowledge and experiences that gave rise to their motives. What did they learn at school, where do they get their news, who do they mix with?

    It won’t be to everyone’s liking but this article “We must prise British Muslims out of their ‘digital ghettos’: Former extremist calls for end to separation between different faiths” in the The Mail On Sunday, makes some good points.

  2. Ash says:

    The real question is what happens when you declare a full blown psychological war on a section of the community, what will happen when certain members of that community grow up seeing themselves being villified, dehumanised and demonised on a daily basis. These three women were clearly and incontrovertibly radicalsed by the likes of Murdoch, Daily Mail, and the BBC and their policy of promoting Islamaphobia.

  3. LibertyPhile says:


    The real question is what happens when some members of a section of the community are regularly involved in outrageous acts, sometimes violent, and work to destroy the basis of the wider community. I won’t give examples.

    (1) The wider community, in the case of Britain, is amazingly tolerant and law abiding. One case is one too many, but look at the TellMAMA figures, 500 or so cases per annum of anti-Muslim “crime”, most of which concern being rude online. Even if this is underreported by an order of magnitude, it is testimony to the tolerance of 65 million Britons.

    (2) The fact is the majority of news stories are accurate and report events fairly. Even Muslim-friendly news media tell the same story. Even The Guardian! (The BBC?????)

    Lord Leveson said in his report following his extensive year-long inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press “…. it is important that stories …. are accurate, and not calculated to exacerbate community divisions or increase resentment. ….. the majority of the Press appear to discharge this responsibility with care ….”

    The simple truth is many Muslims in this country and abroad inspired by Islam as they see it do and say a great number of things from the trivial to the very important that annoy, puzzle and repulse people of other beliefs or none, and they are reported by the media.

    If some Muslims feel “vilified, dehumanised and demonised” it is unfortunate. For a start, there are at least two things they can do (1) admit the truth, their religion as understood by some (far too many) is a great source of trouble# (2) stop being Muslims.

    # The Chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum, writing in a personal capacity, made this interesting comment: “I believe the reason for the extreme defensiveness displayed [by Muslims] arises from a lack of confidence regarding the status of Islam in Britain and other liberal societies. In my view, many Muslims fear that if they concede that Muslims who commit terrorism are in any way motivated by their understanding of Islam they will somehow have conceded that Islam is a religion which promotes terrorism.”

  4. Ash says:

    What a load of Hogwash old chap.

    Let see the muslims started arriving in Britain mainly from the sub-continent in the 1950’s, and most of those who arrived in the U.K. happened to be descendants of those who had served in the British Colonial armies.

    There were no radical muslim groups in the U.K. in the 1950,s…There were no radical groups in the 1960,s…There were no Radical groups in the 1970,s….There were no Radical groups in the 1980,s.

    But suddenly in the early 1990,s after the downfall of the Soviet empire, we had individuals openly
    stating that “Now that the red menace of Communism has been defeated, the only threat remaining to western world supremacy was the green menace of Islam.” I even remember a radio programme on the BBC discussing this very topic in the early 1990’s… The media from the early 1990’s onwards and for the past 25 years has engaged in an unprecedented and full scale and relentless campaign of Bigotry, and hatred against the Muslim community.

    At the same time in the early 1990’s suddenly as a direct response we had the emergence of Radical muslim groups emerging at the same time. Its not rocket science to see the direct correlation here.

    whatsmore the two individuals who have been held up as the doyens of Radical Islam in the U.K.
    Omar Bakri Muhammad , and Abu Hamza al Misari have both been proven to have worked for
    British Intelligence. Something those in the media like yourself have conveniently glossed over.

    So the west needed a new enemy and the establishment and media gave free reign to individuals like Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri, to promote their views. And now you are reaping the consequences of your own stupidity and bigotry.

    We muslims have no problem in condemning Terrorists and Terrorism whether its done in the
    name of Islam or otherwise. Its time for individuals like your self to put your money and were your mouth is and condemn, the Baron Frankensteins in British Intelligence services for creating these Frankenstein monsters. It is time for you to stand up and Condemn the British Media and the political establishment for their relentless and frenzied campaign of Hatred and Bigotry against the Muslim community. You should not be so blinded by Nationalism and Patriotism or the complexion of your own skin to realise wrong is wrong no matter who is doing it or who is responsible.

    So Libertyphiles like yourself have two choices either shut the hell up, and stop being hypocrites. or stand up and acknowledge the incontrovertible fact that the Media and the establishment through their relentless campaign of vilification, and dehumanisation…are beyond a shadow of a doubt responsible for the radicalisation and alienation of muslim youth. Sure many of these youth have found an outlet for their Anger and rage by falling into the clutches of a warped ideology. But the ones who drove them into the clutches of this warped ideology must be condemned. And the ones in the C.I.A and at GCHQ who helped fund and create this warped ideology must be condemned. Al Qaida was a creation of C.I.A. in its embryoinc stages similarly
    The Taliban was the creation of C.I.A and in Syria they were so terrified of the Al Nusra Front so they decided to keep it in check by funding and creating I.S.I.S. and now they cant control it. All the roads lead to right back to Rome and its Empire, Old Chap.

  5. LibertyPhile says:


    “…. At the same time in the early 1990’s suddenly as a direct response we had the emergence of Radical muslim groups”

    Please do some reading on the origins of the Muslim Brotherhood, Jamaat-e-Islami, etc.

    “It is time for you to stand up and Condemn the British Media and the political establishment for their relentless and frenzied campaign of Hatred and Bigotry…. ”

    That’s blanket condemnation of a community part of which is responsible Britain’s multi-culturalism which has allowed Islam to establish itself and even flourish in this country.

    When people blame the media I like to quote results from Ken Livingstone’s “Search for Common Ground” study that contained deep in an annex the verbatim remarks of Muslim journalists. The aim of the study was to denigrate the Press and these remarks were conveniently ignored. The Muslim journalists didn’t see any great failing in the media in regard to Islam or Muslims. Two of the best remarks were:

    “I think the press has been pretty fair to Muslims. They don’t really need to stitch people up, they do a good enough job of that themselves. My view is Muslims have got to address issues themselves, things like anti-semitism and homophobia that seem to be unchangeable within Muslim communities. As far as I’m concerned newspapers just report them as they are.” (Journalist B, p242)

    “I take issue with many things done by British Muslims. If the media was doing its job it would help Britain’s two million Muslims to be able to develop a kind of reasoned, questioning attitude within itself. And you are beginning to see that a bit.” (Journalist C, p243)

    Instead of wild exaggerations I suggest you examine the facts. You can open a newspaper any day and find truthful and accurate stories such as:

    “Saudi court upholds blogger’s 10 years and 1,000 lashes”; “ISIS leader declares ‘Islam was never a religion of peace. Islam is the religion of fighting’”; “Third secular blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh”; “Islamist teachers could be banned from schools after investigation …. found dozens claiming Lee Rigby’s murder was a hoax”; “Portsmouth school’s mistaken ‘halal’ note sparks parents’ fury”; “27% of British Muslims had some sympathy with the Charlie Hebdo killers”; “Protests as ‘child marriage’ imam back at Birmingham mosque” and so on and so on.

  6. Ash says:

    @Libertyphile, what a load of balderdash, my dear old chum.

    With all the government funding behind you and your website, that is the best response you and your ‘researchers’ could come up with? I am disappointed.
    As for the origins of Jamaat e islami, and Muslim Brotherhood they absolutely did not emerge in Britain in the 1990’s.., They are two intellectual and political movements that emerged in Egypt and India in opposition to British Colonialism. Yes and they did a very good job in exposing the hypocritical tyranny of the colonialists, the following statement by the founder of Jaamat e Islami is as accurate todays as it was nearly 80 years ago, when it was made.

    Syed Abu ala Mawdudi speaking in 1939 stated the following.
    “It is as if the artists have drawn a picture with masterly strokes, and inscribed beneath it the legend: “The History of this Nation is a Tale of Bloodshed”.
    The irony is that the painters of this picture are none other than our so-called “benefactors” who have themselves been engaged in an extremely unholy war for centuries. They themselves present us with an image of robbers who – armed to the teeth with all manner of deadly weapons, have set upon the world, pillaging it for sources of raw materials, new markets for their trade, and new lands to conquer and colonize – all of which provide fuel for their ever-burning fires of greed. They fight not for the sake of Allah or their religion, but to satisfy their lust and hunger. For them, it has always been sufficient excuse to invade a land if that land is known to contain valuable mines, or if it can be exploited as a market for their manufactured goods, or if some of their surplus population can be settled there.
    In the absence of any other excuse, they would even consider it a crime on the part of a country if it happened to exist en route to a country they had already conquered, or which they intended to conquer.

    Nowadays, it is more subtle: “Democracy” must be upheld, by direct intervention if necessary – except, of course, when the democratic will of the people opts for Islamic rule…!

    Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, the Americas… Which part of the world has been spared the bloodbath resulting from this unholy war? We are still witnessing their dark deeds and their horrific aftermath, on a global scale.

    But they are highly skilled – let us give credit where it is due! They have managed to paint such a dark and gruesome picture of us that their own true colours have been overshadowed and obscured. Yet we should be stunned by our own simplicity and gullibility. When we saw this picture of ourselves painted by the foreigners, we were so overwhelmed by it that we never thought to look beyond it to see the face of the painter. Instead, we assumed the role of apologists,”

    As for your Colonial arrogance My dear chap the following remark by George Bernard Shaw is very apt..””There is nothing so bad or so good that you will not find an Englishman doing it; but you will never find an Englishman in the wrong. He does everything on principle. He fights you on patriotic principles; he robs you on business principles; he enslaves you on imperial principles.”

    So by the same token for the British media to engage in a Nazi like hate campaign against muslims is Ok, because ofcourse they are doing it on multicultural principles.

    It seems you forgot to mention the fact that the so-called ,’anonymous’ Muslim journalists you quoted were non other then government stooges Ed Hussein and Maajid Nawaz.

    Your denials that the British media is at all biased against muslims are I must admit quite entertaining,its like watching someone sitting in a rainstorm and deny its raining. Instead of engaging in wild and ludicrous denials my dear old chap, why not just admit the blatantly obvious fact its raining a storm of bigotry and hate, . . Infact the media in their campaign of psychological terror are following the blueprint of Nazi propaganda to a tee, here are the guidlines offered by Hitler himself.

    “But the most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. Here, as so often in this world, persistence is the first and most important requirement for success.”
    ― Adolf Hitler

  7. LibertyPhile says:


    It was good of you to provide such a brilliant example of Hitlers’s advice in action: “…… It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”

    In that spirit, I really would like to know what you think, a non-Mullim, such as myself, should make of the example news stories I mentioned:

    “Saudi court upholds blogger’s 10 years and 1,000 lashes”;
    “ISIS leader declares ‘Islam was never a religion of peace. Islam is the religion of fighting’”;
    “Third secular blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh”;
    “Islamist teachers could be banned from schools after investigation …. found dozens claiming Lee Rigby’s murder was a hoax”;
    “Portsmouth school’s mistaken ‘halal’ note sparks parents’ fury”; [Pork was taken off the school menu]
    “27% of British Muslims had some sympathy with the Charlie Hebdo killers”;
    “Protests as ‘child marriage’ imam back at Birmingham mosque”.

  8. Ash says:


    Well my Dear old Chum I fail to see how someone such as yourself who rather grandly considers himself as a Chief Propagandist against Islam, can be classified as the average non-muslim reader of Tabloid propaganda.

    After all I am sure you are fully aware what they teach in Journalism school how one story can be spun in a dozen different ways. As an example the following headlines “Shopkeeper violently attacks a man in a carpark,” But phrased differently you get a different story “Shopkeeper attacked after apprehending shoplifter in a Carpark,” Or phrased differently once again you will get a totally different picture “School children left traumatized after witnessing a brawl between a Shopkeeper and a Customer in a Carpark,” and so on and so forth. So someone such as yourself should be fully capable of looking behind the news story to arrive at the truth, only someone who is a complete numpty or clearly dishonest would describe the divergent headlines
    and news stories as being “Fair and Accurate”.

    As far as propaganda 101 goes and I am pretty certain your paymasters would have provided you with the manual teaching you its dark arts. The main objective is to keep things simple
    to a few core propaganda objectives the fewer the better, in the case of muslims as has been for the last century or so it is (1) “Islam is an evil and Barbaric religion” (2) “Every Muslim is a Potential Terrorist” (3) “Islam is a Religion that oppresses women” etc.

    But the one major flaw with this programme of propoganda for the media and their editorial policy of demonisation is that you will not get sufficient amount of news stories through the course of the year of Muslims in U.k. committing evil and Barbaric acts, or engaging in Terrorism, or violence against Women. Atleast not sufficient enough to make Headlines on a daily basis. To demonise a section of the community the propoganda has to be relentless and it has to be done on an almost daily basis. To re-inforce the three core objectives that all muslims are evil and barbaric what the media has to do is create and manufacture headlines on a daily basis as the saying goes “Throw as much mud as possible and most of it within a very short time will stick.” The editorial policy for the media organisations and given as a guideline to journalist is that if a Muslim so much as breaks wind, in an elevator then you need to manufacture a story out of it. So whether its distorted, sensationalists, headlines like the ones you quoted or manufacturing fake stories like “Muslims Plan to murder Pope on his UK visit” ” Muslim Extremists kill Pakistan Cricket coach”, “Muslims extremists planning to takeover U.k. Schools” etc. The objective is to reinforce the core objectives of the propaganda.

    As for what a non-muslim like you should do. Well as a anti-Islam propagandist and someone who has a website dedicated to the cause. your clearly not very good at your job, so perhaps you would be better served by resigning your present position, and joining the likes of Maajid Nawaaz and other losers at the Quilliam Foundation.

    Afterall in their courses of Propaganda in government institutions they do teach some basic fundamentals. (1) Do not operate from a position of hate because that will cloud your judgement
    and propaganda delivered from an emotional perspective will be exposed, one must always maintain the allure of neutrality. (2) Do not engage in a wild defense of your propaganda, by trying to defend the indefensible you will end up looking foolish it will be difficult for anyone to take you seriously, in the above case the appropiate manner taught in the classroom would have been, ” Yes the behaviour of certain sections of the media is worthy of condemnation But….”
    You forgot the “But” my dear fellow, instead you engaged in a completely ludicrous defense of the media by claiming it is fair and unbiased towards muslims which is frankly silly to say the least old chap. (3) The worse crime of all which they teach in government propaganda classes is not to give the game plan away, or long term objective of your propaganda and the results you are trying to achieve with your programme of Psyops (Psychological operations). But you inadvertently did just that when you stated the objective is to vilify, demonise, and dehumanise the muslims relentlessly to such an extent that they (1)admit the truth, their religion as understood by some (far too many) is a great source of trouble# (i.e. End up apologists like Maajid Nawaz) (2) They stop being muslims…… A glaring error to make My Dear old chum.

    Now lets look at your above statement, 30 years ago the elders in the Muslim community were very concerned, the Mosque were fairly empty, with the congregation on most days being compromised of elderly people in the winter of their lives. The youth almost universally had no
    interest in religion, just saw it as part of their parents cultural heritage, it was expected that within a generation the youth would enmasse as you put it “Stop being Muslim” . And coming across a non-muslim who had converted to Islam, was like coming across a needle in a haystack.

    Fast forward a few years later, the truly Ironic thing is some numpties in government in the post-cold war era saw Islam and the Muslims as a potential threat , they decided that by engaging in a process of demonisation and vilification of Islam they could help accelerate the process of the Muslim Youth leaving Islam in their droves. Infact what happened is quite the opposite the Muslim youth started questioning the fact ” Is my religion evil, like the media are making out?” they infact started studying their religion and returning to it in their droves.
    Then you had many thinking non-muslims studying and questioning the fact that why billions of people around the world would follow a religion that was being projected as absolutely evil, and many amongst the non-muslim population started studying Islam and started converting in their thousands. Then you had some numpty in government decide that we will propagate that Islam is a religion that oppresses women, the result being that young muslim women born and raised started studying their religion and returning to it passionately in their droves. And the greatest irony as reported in the Times newspaper a few years ago the highest number of White converts to Islam across Europe are highly educated European women from professional occupations. Tony Blair engages in a war against Islam across the world, and his own sister in law Lauren Booth ends up converting to Islam.

    Your propaganda has spectacularly failed for the last quarter of a century old chap, it will Insha’Allah continue to fail. No matter how much you try to re-invent it.

  9. LibertyPhile says:


    “…. distorted, sensationalists, headlines like the ones you quoted”

    The headlines use normal everyday language and provide accurate information. What would you have instead of a “1000 lashes” or “child marriage”?

    As you are not going to address the question asked (another Hitler propaganda tactic) I assume you, as a Muslim, have nothing against the events described in those news reports; 1000 lashes, secular Bangladeshi bloggers being hacked to death, Lee Rigby’s murder was a hoax, child marriage, etc., and similar truthful stories we see daily.

  10. Ash says:

    @LibertyPhile My dear old fellow you can dilly, dally all you want you received a very comprehensive response in my previous post.

    So question why are you denying the blatantly obvious fact that the media is engaged in a witchhunt, against muslims and has been so for decades? Yes a Hitler propaganda tactic as you so aptly have shown vilify and demonise the minority community then absurdly deny you are villifying them.

    Browsing through your website I came across an article witch mentioned “Muslims under Seige”
    So I googled hey presto, a research done by 2 non-muslims on the blatant Islamophobia in the media

    Sure and out of the Headlines you posted just quickly googled this one “Portsmouth school’s mistaken ‘halal’ note sparks parents’ fury”; [Pork was taken off the school menu] ….And your point is what exactly that 2 million muslims in U.K. are responsible because the school sent out a note,about sausages, even though no muslim had requested the school to send out the note, or perhaps your assertion is that 2 billion muslims around the globe vast majority of whom will have never have heard of portsmouth, or the word “pork” or have a clue what a sausage is are responsible because sent out note to parents about taking pork of the menu.

    If you wanna a play a game of thousand and one headlines I am up for it..So lets go headline by headline lets do it, I am fully up for that since your website collects headlines and news stories on Muslims why dont you gather every single headline concerning muslims for the last 2 decades we will go through each by one. Better still Libertyphile to save us both some time how about we just start with your friends at the daily mail see how impartial and truthful and honorable and non-dicriminatory they are… For readers watch what happened
    when a teenage youtube blogger turned up outside their offices with a camera and microphone
    in hand it is quite hilarious …..

  11. LibertyPhile says:


    There is a list compiled by me of “news”* type stories concerning Islam and Muslims here:

    It covers the period September 2010 to July 2013. It is in the process of being brought up to date,to June 2015.

    I would be very pleased for anyone to go through it to determine: (a) The truth of each story, (b) is it presented fairly, and (c) the Muslim point of view on the issue and why non-Muslims should or should not be concerned (e. g. death or violent punishment for blasphemy and apostasy, underage marriage, segregation by sex, religious tolerance, freedom of speech, secular government, the status of women – especially child custody, inheritance, divorce.)

    You will also see that a number of stories come from non-British owned media sources** and news agencies such as AFP, AP, Reuters, and to that extent can’t be part of some British establishment conspiracy led by the Daily Mail.

    To do this will take time and space and will get lost in inside inayats corner even if Mr Bunglawala would run it. Why don’t you create a blog (even just for this exercise)? It’s very easily done on Blogger or Given that it was seriously done I would be very happy to link to it.

    * Mainly, something happened, something was said. The LibertyPhile website also lists lots of “analysis”, “opinion” and “comment” pieces as well as “news”.

    ** E,g., Al Arabiya News, Arab News,, Saudi Gazette, FRANCE 24, The New York Times, Gulf News, RT/TV-Novosti, The Malaysian Insider, The Jakarta Post, etc.

  12. Ash says:


    Thanks for the offer My dear old thing (1) For me to set up a blog, which by default will help the establishment on how to refine their propaganda against muslims,…That would be a very foolish thing to do and something that Insha’Allah I will never do. (2) If any individual were to spend so many hours of their time going through all these articles, they would either have to be paid handsomely and become complete sell out (Like a Maajid Nawaz or Ed Hussain ), or have some serious psychological issues. I think their are more productive way to spend ones time. as my goodfriend Ml Wahidudin Khan so eloquently articulates in the following article.

    The Importance of Time.

    Lord Chesterfield was born in London in 1694 and died there in 1773. His letters addressed to his son, which were later published, described the art of success. In one letter, for instance, he writes, ‘I recommend you to take care of the minutes, for the hours will take care of themselves.’

    That is to say that if you can save your minutes, your hours will of themselves be saved. Taking care of the parts is just as good as taking care of the whole. This is because the whole is made up of parts.

    Mostly people tend to neglect the part in favour of the whole. This mentality ultimately results in failure at some later stage.

    Never waste a moment of your available time. By availing of your moments you can be the possessor of your months and years. Wasting minutes will cause you to lose months if not years.

    If you are wasting, daily, just five minutes of your hour, this will amount to wasting two hours in twenty-four hours. This will eventually come to 60 hours in a month, and 720 hours in a year. This is how the majority of people have been wasting most of their available time. A man whose life span is eighty hardly makes full use of 40 years of his time.

    Time is your greatest asset. Be meticulous about saving it. All great success ultimately boils down to an accumulation of small success. Once you are ready to achieve a small success, a big success will of itself come your way. Here is a practical example of how this apparently trivial piece of advice can have great results.

    Molvi Lutfullah, born in 1802 in Dharagar (an ancient city of Malwah) was an ordinary tutor. He had not received any of his education in an English school even for a single day, yet his autobiography was published in 1857 by Smith Aldara and Co., London. It was titled: ‘Autobiography of Lutfullah: A Mohammedan Gentleman.’ This book included a foreword by Mr. East Weck who in commending the excellence of the English written by Molvi Lutfullah, expressed his amazement at how an Indian could write such an exhaustive book in a foreign language.

    How did Molvi Lutfullah come to be capable of writing a book which was not only published in London, but which was held praiseworthy for its language by the English publisher? The secret is expressed in this saying: “Little by little becomes great.”

    Molvi Lutfullah learnt English by his own efforts. He used to teach Hindustani, Persian and Marathi languages to the English employees of the East India Company. The number of his students is put at 100. It was this contact with the English that made him feel interested in learning the English language. He began studying English privately. By working hard continuously for eight years, he managed to have full command over it. He has written in his book that during those eight years, not even a single night passed without having committed to memory ten words of the English language, or without having thoroughly learnt a few pages from Dr. Gilchrist’s Grammer. A ‘ten words’ appear to be of no significance, but when multiplied over eight years this step can turn a man into a foreign language writer capable of claiming appreciation even from native speakers who are masters of the language.

  13. Brendan says:

    I find Ash’s arguments totally compelling. They remind me of the Twitter account ‘MoDawah’. I wonder if Ash is MoDawah in disguise…?

  14. Ash says:

    @ Brendan.

    Well My dear Old Chum, never heard of the chap your referring to until you mentioned. But nice tactic straight out of the manual, I was waiting in anticipation for this one…! if you fail to counter the arguments presented then try and distract attention by engaging in ridicule, or alternatively feign some indignation with the usual “I am not Islamaphobic, I have a friends who are muslim,” Since that line does not work much these days one can always be a bit more creative “Me an anti-Islam bigot! for your information I use a dry cleaners owned by Mr Khan a Pakistani Muslim”….Having read many of your remarks on this site, I must say you remind me of John Ware from Panorama programme….I wonder if John Ware is lurking around here in disguise after getting totally owned by Inayat Bunglawala on more then one occasion. As for Mo Dawah I assume he and Muhammed Amin the Muslim conservative Chairman are the same person needs to show his paymasters what a Pukka “Yes Man” Sahib is.

    What is truly compelling is how many of the commentators on Inayats blogs are anti-Islam propagandists ofcourse most are very gentlemanly in style, sticking to full parliamentary procedures and the gentlemanly rules of cricket and all that in their discourse. So who you work for Brendan, Government department? Some Government funded ‘Think Tank’ , or perhaps one of the Great British Media organisations BBC? Daily Mail?
    Murdoch? May be just a lurker from one of the Far right organisations, or perhaps from one of the Far left organisations? You know they say the Orient Express was once the hot bed of espionage popular with spys from across Europe, looks like Inayats Corner is fast becoming the Orient Express of the internet world.

  15. Brendan says:

    Love it, you should be on the stage !

  16. Ash says:


    Then you would be out of a job my Dear Old Chum wouldn’t you?

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