“Muslim Plot” to “Take-over” Schools


There is a huge amount of coverage today about an alleged plot by what on the face of it appears to be a tiny but highly committed group of Muslim activists in Birmingham to takeover state schools in Muslim areas.

The story is covered today in the Guardian, the Daily Mail (inevitably), the Birmingham Mail, and the Independent.

Could it be true?

The actual contents of the leaked letter can be read here.

I am told by some friends on the ground in Birmingham that there really has been a campaign to cause disruption in some schools with a view to imposing a more conservative (and inevitably bleak) Islamic ethos on certain schools.

No doubt we will discover more in the coming days.

I really can’t stand narrow minded religious bigots. They are so joyless and miserable. And they always seem so eager to want to make the rest of us miserable too!

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1 Response to “Muslim Plot” to “Take-over” Schools

  1. Faaiza says:

    Completely agree with the last comment. I think that the document may well have a ring of truth to it. Islamic fundamentalism imposed by a backward patriarchal philosophy is definitely rampant 😦

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