Cisco: Here’s To Humanity

On Tuesday I went along to a Cisco conference in London where they were showcasing their latest mobility technologies. I work as a network engineer so it is always nice to know what new product offerings are out there. At the start of the conference, Cisco broadcast the above video (if you click the above YouTube link you should see a series of four videos: it’s the fourth one that was broadcast). Inspiring, isn’t it?

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4 Responses to Cisco: Here’s To Humanity

  1. Brendan says:

    What I would find a bit more inspiring would be for Cisco along with many other multi-nationals (the de-facto governments) to pay more of their fair share of tax!

  2. abufatimahalengleezi says:

    What sort of network engineering do you do? I’m an electronic engineer alhamdulillah but do a lot of network engineering as part of my studies. I would like to get some experience in netwrok engineering inshallah

    • Mainly Cisco-based routing and switching, wireless networking and more recently, identity-based networking (ISE, NAC etc).

      • Ah ok. I was looking for some work experience in Network Engineering insHAllah, do you run your own business or work for someone else? Is there somewhere I can send my CV? I would ideally like to try and find some part time work during term time and ideally some summer work as well inshAllah. Let me know if you know of anything. Btw I really like your blog and idea’s, I would love to see what your overall vision for islam in the UK is. Have you written about this in depth anywhere?

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