MoS:”Death Threats to UK’s Top Muslim MP Who Voted For Gay Marriage”

sadiq_khanToday’s edition of the Mail on Sunday has published a story about the threats and vilification that Sadiq Khan has been subjected to since he voted in favour of allowing civil marriages for gay couples.

A religious leader called Mufti Muhammed Aslam Naqshbandi from somewhere up North has allegedly declared that Sadiq Khan (as well as the other Muslim MPs who voted for the Bill) are apostates and need to renew their vow of faith. On online forums there have been some more sinister threats made. I am not in the least surprised.

My post last week commending Sadiq for voting in favour of equality for gay couples resulted in some real vile types emerging from the woodwork to denounce my alleged ‘apostasy’  in the comments section.

So, it is worth reiterating that the Equalities legislation we have seen passed in parliament the UK over the past decade offers greater protection to all minorities including faith groups to help ensure they are treated fairly and not discriminated against. That is an important achievement.

It is worth contrasting that achievement with the kind of ‘Islamic state’ that Sadiq’s detractors would prefer us to live in. In their dream state, not only would gay couples not be allowed the same right to have a civil marriage as straight couples, they would be hounded (and perhaps much worse) by the state for declaring that they were gay in the first place. And they would not stop at interfering in the lives of gay couples. The books we read would be vetted. Movies would be vetted for ‘immorality’. Members of other faiths would not be allowed to promote their religions. Other Muslims deemed to hold ‘deviant’ views would be harassed, lose their jobs etc. In short, it would quickly become a repressive police state.

So, bravo to Sadiq Khan for taking a courageous stand. It could be that many Muslims watching from the sidelines might be encouraged to take a stand against those who want to use religion to deny others their most basic human rights.

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27 Responses to MoS:”Death Threats to UK’s Top Muslim MP Who Voted For Gay Marriage”

  1. Abu Mus'ab says:

    Well let me put it this way mr bunglawala.

    You will die, sadiq will die, the other mp’s will die, i will die and every human being will die one day.

    And when you die don’t think that everything is over and done with, rather the real life only starts from that moment on, then you will think back to and lament the days when you used to write these things and your rejection of Islaam, but by then it will be too late, the fire of hell will stare you in the face and your arrogance, confidence and “courage” will disappear like a balloon being popped, you will then be tried in one of those “islaamic courts” that you detest so much, but on that day you will shake like a leaf, you will swim in your own sweat, and you will not be able to utter a sound, because the judge is not some random molvi, the judge will be Allaah Rabbul `Izzah, that same Allaah that condemns the kuffaar to hell that you seem to feel is unjust, that same Allaah who forbade gay marriages that you are trying to make legal, that same Allaah who created man from dust that you reject in favour of the view of your lord darwin and his theory of evolution.

    How do you think you people are going to answer Allaah? Can you really fool yourselves into thinking that Allaah will tell you: “inayat & co, you may have rejected my laws but i forgive you, go to heaven”? The response will be more like: “inayat & co, you rejected my laws in favour of following the laws of my enemies, so follow them now too into the fire of hell”

    Don’t accept my words if you don’t want to, but think about your situation in the hereafter and ask yourself where you thikn you’re headed.

    • Thank you. I have far more confidence in the Mercy of my Creator than you.

      And rather than scoff at Darwin’s theory of evolution, why not make an intelligent argument responding to it and to science? Or would that perhaps require you to possess a few brain cells? Yes, I suppose it would. Well, never mind. Carry on with your hate mongering…

      • Abu Mus'ab says:

        Should i tell you where darwin is now? He’s roasting like a porker on a spit, being hit with a hammer that turns him into dust, being bitten and stung by snakes and scorpions bigger than you’ve ever seen, and the list goes on.

        That is as far as his theory of evolution took him, if you’d like to suffer the same fate then by all means be my guest, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

        • Yes, because you – being Darwin’s God – would know, of course.

          Oh wait, you are not Darwin’s God. Charles Darwin is rightly viewed as a genius by scientists right across the world. Whereas, you are viewed as what? Your great contribution to humanity and to learning is what? Let me guess: Zero.

          • Abu Mus'ab says:

            Surely you can do better than that mr bunglawala?

            Oh wait, i forgot, you don’t like people who rely only on “scriptural evidence” like the Qur’aan and hadeeth, my bad.

        • novid shaid says:

          Bro Abu Musab, surely the safest position for your own nafs is to say that Allah is the ultimate judge and that unbelief results in divine punishment. You do Islam no favours by naming individuals who you think are in jahannam. I know that shirk and unbelief result in hell but I am not going to cast judgement on others….

    • junaid khan says:

      inayat has evolved more than darwin so i doubt your post will go down his throat

  2. junaid khan says:

    inayat, do you believe in darwin’s theory, were your ancestor’s apes because mine weren’t.

    • Can’t you think of anything more original than that to say? That ‘joke’ was first deployed by Bishop Wilferforce in 1860. Better still: how about reading some actual science books about evolution first, so you can think before you speak?

  3. junaid khan says:

    i bet my first two comments will not be posted by inayat

  4. TheAkh says:

    I wish your first two comments weren’t posted Junaid.

    In truth, it is real shame about br Inayat. Reading Trends as a youngster and following his work at MCB, he was some of real integrity, a well spoken intelligent MAINSTREAM Muslim making a positive contribution to public discourse. But reading some of his comments on Adam (as), Eesa (as) and homosexuality, he too unfortunately joins the ranks of Taj Hargey, Usama Hasan and Anjem Choudhry. On the fringe, unrepresentative, and tragically misguided. May Allah guide me and them.

    However some of the comments being posted on this blog by people are disgraceful and unhelpful. Advise with the best of manners and pray for the brother’s salvation and your own.

    • Junaid Khan says:

      I sincerely apologise to brother Inayat for my comments but Inayat is not a spoke person for the muslim community in britain and he is certainly not qualified to give out islamic ruling regarding homosexuality and evolution. Homosexuality doesn’t need any clarification from any scholar because it has already been prohibited in Quran and ahadith, Quran is the only book till today in which no single letter has been altered and it never will as Allah himself has taken responsibility of protecting it so if homosexuality is already forbidden in Quran then who am I or Inayat to disagree with it.

    • TheAkh: As the years have been passing, I think it is quite natural to re-evaluate one’s views in the light of additional knowledge and experience. Now, it could be that I am completely wrong – but I hope not. And I am hopeful that my Creator will accept my efforts to learn and understand as genuine and sincere. Ameen.

      As I tried to say in my penultimate paragraph in the above blog, it seems to me that the religious state that many of the posters commenting here would try and create would lead to tyranny and the denial of some very basic human rights. Just look at the violent language that has been deployed (and the way a gay Muslim poster has been treated in my previous blog on this topic) and then imagine these people holding any kind of power. It is a scary thought. That is why I genuinely think a liberal secular state upholding the UCHR is generally a better protector of faith groups than religious states.

      • Khalid says:

        You have really disappointed me Inayat. Do you realise that Islamically a ‘ Muslim homosexual’ is contradiction in terms. You can be a Muslim and sinful but then repenting is one thing but being deliberately choosing a sinful way and defending it all cost and making it way of life is the attitude of cursed people of Prophet Lot (as). It is clear from your blogs who’s side you would have been had you lived in Prophet Lot’s time. May Allah guide us all and show us the right path. Ameen.

  5. novid shaid says:

    Inayat, the death threats are probably the usual contemporary khawaarijiyya and the fatwahs are reactionary, but as Muslims we have to take a stand against gay marriage on the basis of our core beliefs, principles and morals. Even when the social engineering is shifting towards an increasingly ultra-liberal world-view, we have to retreat to our “cave” like the sleepers of Ephesis, our cave of sunnah and jamaa and stick to the principles the majority of Muslims have believed in. The Gay lobby need to be reminded, like we are reminded all the time by Islamophobes, that freedom of speech entails that the multitude express the right to reject homosexuality as a valid expression of individuality. They are always ready to abuse and mock Islam. We should be freely allowed to make open critiques of homosexuality, which, for us is a gross indulgence of the self. How many other shahwaani desires do people have? Isn’t it the whole point that Allah has made us with these desires and the test is for us to show restraint, and we will be rewarded for it? Gayness may be something innate, just as is the propensity to be promiscuous, but these desires have to be controlled by the individual. This is not Victorian morality, for Islam celebrates marriage and sexuality within marriage. People like yourselves have to be bold and courageous in the face of the liberal hegemony we are faced with. Allahu Alim

    • Whatever you may think about gay sex (and you have every right to believe it is sinful), why is civil marriage between gay couples any of our business? You presumably don’t accept that Jesus is the Son of God, yet you presumably would not be opposed to two Christians having a civil marriage?

      The ‘liberal hegemony’ seems more preferable to me than many of the repressive versions of the ‘Islamic state’ that are on offer to us.

      • novid shaid says:

        As salaamu alaykum brother Inayat, I agree, we shouldn’t be launching attacks on homosexuality or making a big deal, but if we are asked about it, our answer should be consistent with our core beliefs, especially those of us who have put ourselves in the public arena. The media will look to people like you and Sadiq Khan and presume your views reflect the whole community, however much you say you speak for yourself. The Muslim community at large do not agree with Gay marriage. You have to be careful to communicate what you yourself think and what the community at large think when speaking publicly, otherwise you will suffer a backlash. Yes, we are a minority, we need to avoid such contentious issues, but the Gay lobby are on the attack at the moment and they are using rather spurious methods to tarnish anyone who argues against homosexuality. A gay marriage means you are giving complete legitimacy to a homosexual relationship. As Muslims, and theists, we have to draw a line when it comes to disturbing the natural order Allah has created. Gay marriage is a product of a secular society. It doesn’t exist in societies where religious culture is the norm. Even though we live in this secular society and though we should be actively participating and contributing to its betterment, we should never compromise our principles and convictions. I think aspects of the “liberal hegemony” are laudable, like the equality towards race, gender, disability. But on the other hand, this liberal world view has given birth to open attitudes to sexuality, to narcotics, to promiscuity, to radical feminism. Although life is good in many respects, we know there are major fault-lines in our society. Equally, the political climate of Muslim states is in turmoil, but the family is still in tact. The institution of the family has collapsed in the West and gay marriage is a symptom of that. Can I also add, love between men, between anyone is something that Islamic literature has celebrated a hundred times more than the literature of the northern Europeans. The Prophet, peace be upon him and his closeness to Abu Bakr, Allah bless him. Maulana Rumi and Shamusudeen Tabriz. Their love for each other was legendary. More than the love for a spouse. But there was no sex involved. That’s where the misguidance is and that’s where social illnesses begin to breed. Why does the Holy Quran tell us the story of Lut, peace be upon him and the uncontrollable lust of the men for those young, beautiful boys. I say this to you brother, and I can speak to gay people respectfully and treat them with dignity, but if they ask me whether I agree with their lifestyle, I will not beat about the bush. Just like many of my colleagues who think that my religion is “opium” and the stuff of fairy tales, but we still remain cordial. They know where I am coming from and vice-versa.

        • Laquisha says:

          “Gay marriage is a product of a secular society. It doesn’t exist in societies where religious culture is the norm.”

          Explain Native America then.

        • Abdullah says:

          Well said brother. 2 points I wanted to add to:

          1. Yes, Islam encourages great strength of relationship between fellow Muslim brothers, however, it is totally different from homosexuality because when Muslim brothers have love for eachother it is only for the sake of Allah (S.W.T.) i.e. when they meet it is only for the sake of Allah and doing righteous deeds. This is hugely rewardable. This is why I love our deen it offers the perfect fine balance in everything. We don’t go to the extreme of celibacy and we don’t go to other extremes of sexual perversion.

          2. I think we should encourage brothers like Inayat to reconsider their views, however, my worry is that Inayat and Muslim MPs are trying to make it seems as though they represent Islam and they do such thing. Actually, at present they are creating confusion. No Muslim in 1400 years has declared gay relationships to be halal. Furthermore, the media like Daily Mail has jumped all over this and made it seem extremist to declare someone a Kaffir due to position on gay marriage. I just want to clarify that threats against Muslim MPs are totally WRONG (thats IF threats were even made), but the position of Muslims is clear: We do not accept homosexuality and anyone who accepts it as halal has disbelieved. There is a huge wealth of evidences to support this view. I say the burden of proof lies with others who disagree to prove otherwise.

    • azhar says:

      Novid Shaid and TheAkh. Masha’allah brothers – you articulated (very well) everything I was thinking. Inayat has a point about these silly people and their disgraceful reactions. However, he has taken for granted the propensity of muslims to emulate the Prophet (pbuh) and reject those who want to instil tyranny, whether that is secular or Islamic.

      I never ever thought in my wildest dreams that Inayat would turn out like Ed Hussain, Maajid Nawaaz et al, from one extreme to another. I hope, i never give up and give in to the secular hegemony that has been responsible for so much tyrranny and death in the muslim world. Growing up, i have realised how cheap muslim blood is, whether its spilled by the secular nutters or so called Islamic nutters. If as muslims, we do not provide a viable Islamic opposition to these groups, then we will suffer in the next world.

  6. Junaid Khan says:

    No death threats has been issued for the muslim MPs that voted in favour of gay marriages so please stop reporting false news on your blog, I watched your video on youtube when you were in front of leverson and I felt proud of what you did there but you are doing same as them people you were exposing at leverson

    • I said Sadiq Khan had been declared an ‘apostate’ and sinister threats – the MoS reported one twit referring to a ‘bullet’ as the way to respond to Sadiq – being made against him. Both the ex-communication and the sinister veiled remarks are appalling to me.

  7. Asim says:

    I am not homophobic and couldn’t care less about anyone’s sexual orientation. However, I remain opposed to gay marriage. The idiots who wail on about ‘killing gays’ and killing MPs for their support for gay marriage not only make fools of themselves but are a huge liability for British Muslims.

  8. Robert says:

    Homosexual is totally outlawed in Islam, Christianity and all of the worlds religions. There can be no debate regarding homosexuality. Its forbidden and a vile evil sin and no muslim, christian or religious person can ever condone such evil.

    As for evolution…well if there is ever a pseudoscience then that surely is. Complete and utter nonsense full of assumptions, lies, suppositions and outright fabrications.

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