Wonders of Life: Evolution II

3526626-high_res-wonders-of-life.jpgLast week, I posted a blog about Episode 2 of Brian Cox’s superb new series Wonders of Life. Well, I have been catching up on Episode 3 via the i-Player and it is every bit as good! There is a truly awesome bit at around 30 minutes into the programme where Professor Cox does an experiment on top of a mountain in Africa using just a fish tank, some frozen carbon dioxide, alcohol and a hot water bottle to show how cosmic rays cause mutations in DNA. These mutations cause the variations necessary for evolution. It is essential and inspiring viewing. Can’t wait to buy this series on Blu-Ray next month when it comes out.

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1 Response to Wonders of Life: Evolution II

  1. Robert says:

    Please try and prove evolution pseudoscience to me. You can try and prove the Pakicetus story of how it supposed to have evolved to a modern day whale via the supposed transitional creatures of Ambulocetus and Rhodocetus.

    Anything you want to prove this evolution codswallop you want

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