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Wonders of Life: Professor Brian Cox on Evolution Denial

All good things have to come to an end. And so it is with Wonders of Life. This evening will see the broadcast of the fifth and final episode of the series. It has been hugely enjoyable and uplifting watching … Continue reading

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Vetting Muslim Talks at City University

The BBC reports on a very worrying development at City University where the authorities have closed a Muslim prayer room after the Muslim students refused a demand to submit their Friday sermons beforehand for checks as to their ‘appropriateness’. It … Continue reading

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MoS:”Death Threats to UK’s Top Muslim MP Who Voted For Gay Marriage”

Today’s edition of the Mail on Sunday has published a story about the threats and vilification that Sadiq Khan has been subjected to since he voted in favour of allowing civil marriages for gay couples. A religious leader called Mufti … Continue reading

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Wonders of Life: Evolution II

Last week, I posted a blog about Episode 2 of Brian Cox’s superb new series Wonders of Life. Well, I have been catching up on Episode 3 via the i-Player and it is every bit as good! There is a … Continue reading

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Muslim MPs Were Right to Vote in favour of Gay Marriage

A number of Muslim MPs voted in parliament last week in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill. The House of Commons voted in favour of the Bill with the final tally being 400 in favour and 175 against, … Continue reading

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Wonders of Life: Evolution

I have just finished watching last Sunday’s episode of Wonders of Life, the new series from Professor Brian Cox – courtesy of the i-Player. It is somewhat misleadingly titled ‘Expanding Universe’ because although it does touch on Hubble’s astonishing discovery … Continue reading

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