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Our Lives In The Matrix?

Do you recall watching The Matrix (1999) and wondering if the premise that we are living in a computer simulation could be true? It was certainly intriguing, wasn’t it? A few weeks back, I purchased “Philosophy & The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy“. … Continue reading

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Human Evolution: A Response to Yasir Qadhi

I have just finally got round to watching Yasir Qadhi’s views on human evolution as espoused at the Deen Institute’s conference a couple of weeks ago. I have been sent a number of emails over the past week linking to … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Django Unchained

You already know what to expect from a Quentin Tarantino movie. In his seventh outing as writer-director, Tarantino reliably delivers the high body count, fantastically bloody violence, sharp dialogue and laughs that we have come to expect and look forward … Continue reading

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Ibn Khaldun on Human Evolution

During last week’s debate on BBC1’s Big Questions I mentioned to a Muslim Imam (Abdullah Hasan) that Muslim thinkers in previous centuries were far more open to the idea of evolution (including human evolution) than today’s more literalist interpreters of … Continue reading

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Answering The Critics of Human Evolution

I have been sent a few emails asking me to watch a video by a chap called Yasir Qadhi in which he allegedly rubbishes the idea of human evolution. I tried to look at the video but it came up … Continue reading

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Evolution Debate on BBC Big Questions

So, here is the blog post I promised on evolution. Last week, I was invited to a recording of the BBC’s Big Questions programme. The topic of discussion was ‘Is it time that all religions accepted evolution as fact’. It … Continue reading

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My BBC Online Debate On Evolution With A Christian Creationist

The BBC Religion & Ethics website have just published my online debate with Pastor Greg Haslam of the Westminster Chapel about evolution and religion. Greg Haslam is a Christian creationist who believes the universe was created around 10,000 years ago … Continue reading

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