The Wonder of Islam


The BBC aired a splendid one hour documentary earlier this week as part of their series on the Dark Ages. The programme was called “An Age of Light – The Wonder of Islam’.

The programme featured some superb footage from the Dome of the Rock, the Great Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, the Ibn Tulun Mosque in Cairo, Qayrawan, Cordoba, and some very sensuous early Muslim art in Syria.

It is still available to view on BBC iPlayer until Dec 25 2012. Do watch it if you can.

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1 Response to The Wonder of Islam

  1. omar says:

    ASAK Inayat, I was very taken with your contributions to bigquestions, particularly your rejection of literal interpretation of the Quran. Obviously this gets us out of heaps of trouble with penguins and sloths ending up so far from wherever the ark landed but where does it begin and end?

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