Britain Displays True Colours in Palestinian Vote Abstention

You may recall that the UK govt – around a year ago –  passed a law to make it much more difficult to bring private prosecutions against  suspected Israeli war criminals who were visiting the UK.

Now – we learn that the UK made it a condition for voting ‘yes’ to Palestinian statehood that the Palestinians would not take Israel to the ICC for war crimes and illegal occupation and illegal Jewish settlement building. As the Palestinians declined to give in to that blackmail, the UK is abstaining on the UN vote.

So, interestingly, the UK expects Muslims to condemn all forms of terrorism but it then works actively to prevent Israel from being taken to task for war crimes etc.

Some forms of terrorism and extremism are clearly far more acceptable than others.

There is a good book by a former MI6 spook, Alastair Crooke, who pointed out that Hamas and Hizbullah refused to play along with this duplicity whereby terrorism by states was deemed to be somehow noble and above the law whereas that by non-state actors was not. His book is called ‘Resistance: The Essence of the Islamist Revolution‘.

For decades, the UK has been playing a very dirty game whereby it has done everything possible to promote Israel while making it difficult for the Palestinians to regain their rights to their ancestral homelands – but still publicly saying that they were committed to a two-state solution. Regardless of the UK’s shameless behaviour, the Palestinians should succeed in their statehood vote, with declarations from the clear majority of the UN members saying they intend to support the move, including a number of European countries.


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