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UK Ambassador to Israel Closes Eyes to Nuclear Weapons Right Next To Him

The UK’s Ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould has written an article for this week’s Jewish Chronicle in which he laments the decline in support for Israel in the UK. He rightly points out that a lot of this is due … Continue reading

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Islamophobia & Antisemitism: Same Message, Different Minority

Hat-tip: Jews Sans Frontieres

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Responding to the Vile ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Film

There a a number of observations that are worth making about the trashy film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ that appears to have been made in the US by an obscure little group: 1. There is no question that the film – … Continue reading

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Inayat Bunglawala ‘Shows His True Colours’ re: Satanic Verses Affair

Earlier today, I received a copy of the following email which has evidently been sent to some senior UK Muslim figures from an organisation called Hizbul Ulama UK. It is about the short piece I wrote for the Guardian yesterday … Continue reading

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Today’s Guardian: Looking Back At The Satanic Verses

I have a short piece in today’s Guardian looking back at the Satanic Verses affair. The Guardian item contains recollections from a number of people and appears to have been commissioned because Salaman Rushdie’s memoirs are due to be published … Continue reading

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Islamic History and the Role of Memory

The current edition of the neo-conservative Standpoint magazine carries an interesting review by Eric Ormsby of two new books about the Prophet Muhammad by Robert Spencer (of JihadWatch) and the Muslim writer Ziauddin Sardar.  In view of the recent controversy … Continue reading

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Questioning Tom Holland and his ‘Islam: The Untold Story’

As I mentioned in my previous blog, following the broadcast of his Channel Four documentary ‘Islam: The Untold Story’ on Tuesday evening, I got in touch with the presenter, Tom Holland, via Twitter to ask him some questions about the … Continue reading

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