Advert: “Uncivilised Arab Savages”!

Some of Israel’s most vocal supporters including Pamela Geller have paid for an advert that has been placed on buses in San Francisco describing Israel’s opponents as ‘savages’.

How sad that they view Arabs and Muslims as ‘savages’, as sub-human. Of course, if you teach young Israelis that their neighbours are savages then it becomes somewhat easier on the conscience if you then ask them to occupy their land, build illegal Jewish settlements there and for the fun of it massacre the ‘savages’ as has happened so often in recent years.

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9 Responses to Advert: “Uncivilised Arab Savages”!

  1. hindutva inshallah says:

    Hello Inayat, something wrong here. The ads were placed on buses in San Francisco but you said that young Israelis will be influenced. San Francisco is in the USA, how can people be influenced by something placed on a bus thousand of miles away?

  2. hindutva: Pamela Geller is an unabashed supporter of Likudnik policies in Israel. Her advert is simply a reflection of the attitudes of hardline Zionists. Isn’t it sad that the United States which acted so aggressively to force Saddam Hussein’s Iraq out of Kuwait has been acting so indulgently towards Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands?

  3. Sarah AB says:

    Well, I can at least agree that it is a nasty ad.

  4. Mohsen says:

    Inayat — you had to lie? The ad says “Jihadists are savages”. It never said Arabs or Muslims are savages.

    Is it possible to say Neo-Nazis are savages without you implying that Germans and Christians are savage sub-humans?

    Does Islam teach you to lie, Inayat? Do you know why civilized people consider Islam to be primitive? Because of people like you and what you write.

    • The advert clearly describes the opponents of Israel as being ‘savages’. You yourself just said that Islam is ‘primitive’. So what does that make Muslims who are believers in Islam?

      Many Israel supporters, particularly the more extreme Zionists have a very racist worldview in which they view the Arabs as being lesser human beings. Hence the continuous illegal Jewish settlement building on occupied Palestinian land, the misappropriation of water and the denial of the Palestinians right to return to their land – whereas of course any Jew from anywhere in the world is allowed to settle in Israel or the occupied territories.

      And by the way, ‘jihad’ is not an ignoble word. It is a highly praiseworthy endeavour in which you sacrifice your time, wealth, and even if need be, your life, for the sake of achieving justice.

  5. Mohsen says:

    Wow! Inayat actually published my comments. I have a lot more respect for you now, Inayat.

    Inayat — Islam needs to be reformed, and I am not the first Muslim to say that. Both Judaism and Christianity have been reformed and people are a lot happier because of that.

    The Islamic leadership should stop attacking reformers. This is the course of history and Allah approves that. I don’t believe Allah cares for those who are forced to worship him, or force others to worship him, or who brainwash children to worship him. Worshiping without free will is bogus and Allah knows that.

    • I certainly agree that all of us – Muslims included – need continuous self-assessment and reform if necessary. However, reform does not mean turning a blind eye to racism and anti-Muslim bigotry or, for example, giving up the struggle against Israeli colonialism.

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