Saluting The Inspirational Mo Farah

What an exciting race! And what a wonderful man! Prior to the 5000m race last night, the commentators were saying that Mo Farah looked tired following his previous efforts including winning the Gold medal in the 10000m race. And as last night’s 5000m race got underway, Mo Farah was facing very tough competition including a number of runners who had previously beaten him in other races. Just awesome viewing. If you missed it, here you go:

What is even more impressive about Mo Farah is that he has not forgotten his roots and has set up the Mo Farah Foundation to try and help people in East Africa to get access to better education and also set up water sanitation programmes. A true hero!

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1 Response to Saluting The Inspirational Mo Farah

  1. abdelxyz says:

    he really wasn’t guaranteed a medal prior to both races. like you said, he’d been beaten in other races but also some of his rivals were posting race times that were better than his personal best. the home support gave him that little bit extra, but he’s great runner and is a different person altogether to the runner that we saw even just a few years ago.
    Nice one, Mo!

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