Batman: The Dark Knight Rises – The Weakest Link

Last Friday evening I took my son to see the final part of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy – The Dark Knight Rises. We had high hopes for this movie especially after the first two Batman installments and 2010’s Inception. What was Nolan going to conjure up for us this time?

Well, the answer is a grunt called Bane.  Bane is a thug built like a tank. Unfortunately, that seems to be about it as far as his talents go. He does not possess the thoughtful and philosophical outlook of Liam Neeson’s Ra’s al-Ghul or the witty nature of Heath Ledger’s the Joker. What Bane (Tom Hardy) does possess is brawn. The result is that his encounters with Batman consist of little more than brawling.

There are some impressive scenes including the blowing up of a football stadium. And in true Nolan style, hints are dropped throughout the movie which only make sense after you have seen the whole film. But many other scenes including the movie’s attempts to draw a parallel between lawless Gotham City and the anarchy of the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror left me somewhat cold.

A disappointing end to an otherwise splendid reboot of the Batman series.

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2 Responses to Batman: The Dark Knight Rises – The Weakest Link

  1. I enjoyed this review, Inayat, and you have an interesting take on the film. For a different perspective on the movie, have a read of my review at

    Let me know what you think. For a man who is politically knowledgeable, I think you’ll appreciate it.

    • Just read your very thorough review. Whilst watching the movie did you not get the sense that Nolan has some very right-wing views on issues like terrorism? I thought it came through quite strongly and it served to put me off the movie…

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