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Tom Holland’s Bizarre Conjecture About Islam’s Birthplace

Following on from Tuesday evening’s poorly researched documentary ‘Islam: The Untold Story’ which I blogged about here, I was curious to find out more about the presenter Tom Holland’s theory that the true birthplace of Islam was Avdat in Israel … Continue reading

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Review: Islam – The Untold Story

This evening, Channel Four broadcast ‘Islam – The Untold Story‘. It was a 90 minute (including ad breaks) documentary by the historian Tom Holland who has also written a book ‘In the Shadow of the Sword‘ which seeks to look … Continue reading

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The Scientist Who Learned How to Talk to Ants

Today’s Saturday Interview in the Guardian is with the Harvard biologist Edward O. Wilson. Wilson became famous for his work trying to understand the behaviour of ants and particularly the way in which they communicate. Here are a couple of … Continue reading

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New Guardian Writer ‘Cool’ With IDF Killing US Citizens

In a very odd appointment, the Guardian’s US office have just hired Joshua Trevino as a political commentator. Trevino became infamous a couple of years ago when he posted a Twitter message saying: “Dear IDF: If you end up shooting … Continue reading

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Advert: “Uncivilised Arab Savages”!

Some of Israel’s most vocal supporters including Pamela Geller have paid for an advert that has been placed on buses in San Francisco describing Israel’s opponents as ‘savages’. How sad that they view Arabs and Muslims as ‘savages’, as sub-human. … Continue reading

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Saluting The Inspirational Mo Farah

What an exciting race! And what a wonderful man! Prior to the 5000m race last night, the commentators were saying that Mo Farah looked tired following his previous efforts including winning the Gold medal in the 10000m race. And as … Continue reading

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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises – The Weakest Link

Last Friday evening I took my son to see the final part of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy – The Dark Knight Rises. We had high hopes for this movie especially after the first two Batman installments and 2010’s Inception. What … Continue reading

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