Israel’s Supporters Are Very Unhappy About The Arab Spring

Back in January 2011, as the Arab Spring got underway I noted how some supporters of Israel – ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ remember – were expressing their unhappiness about the overthrow of Arab dictators and the increasing empowerment of the Arab peoples.

The events of the past year and a half have since only increased their unhappiness which interestingly seems to be directly related to the increasing freedom in Arab countries. It is worth quoting from a couple of examples from earlier this month. First up is the editor of the Jewish Chronicle, Stephen Pollard who lamented the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muhammad Mursi in Egypt’s first-ever free Presidential elections:

“The Muslim Brotherhood is not a moderate, pragmatic party but a fanatical organisation committed to the Islamification of the planet, which has spawned lethal terrorist groups, but which operates under the cover of mainstream politics.”

No scaremongering there, huh? But Pollard is not quite done. What if the MB could get hold of nuclear weapons – that would be awful and surely the West would intervene then to stop this move towards democracy, right? But, wait, Egypt has no nuclear weapons. What to do? Yes, that’s right, make something up. Here’s Pollard again:

“Now it leads the largest, most important Arab nation. As a pan-regional force that is either in or close to power across the Middle East, its ability to implement its agenda of a sharia-governed Islamic region is growing ever greater. And if it gains power in Pakistan, as many think is likely, it will have nuclear weapons.”

Read that again. Pollard appears to be suggesting that the MB – which has no presence in Pakistan remember – might well gain power in Pakistan and get hold of its nuclear weapons. Pretty desperate stuff from the JC editor.

And then there is Charles Moore. Moore is a well-connected advocate for Israel who was formerly the editor of the Daily Telegraph where he still writes regular columns. Last week, he expressed his deep unhappiness with Barack Obama and other Western leaders who have not acted as he would have wished. The changes in the world order over the past 18 months has meant that “life has got tougher for…Israel”. In this American Presidential election year, Moore urges the American public to raise:

“…the question which ought to be asked of Mr Obama, as of all other incumbent Western leaders at this dire time – where the hell are you taking us?”

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2 Responses to Israel’s Supporters Are Very Unhappy About The Arab Spring

  1. hindutva inshallah says:

    Good post Inayat, why would the MB want to take over the assylum that is Pakistan. They are not that thick.

  2. abdelxyz says:

    all the scaremongering about ‘islamist rogues’ getting their hands on a smuggled nuclear weapons is fuelling calls for iran to be attacked. pollard is strecthing things a little when he claims the mb could take power in pakistan, but there is a fear amongst neocons that the islamists, however moderate, will always be a threat to the west and especially israel, whose existence would be at risk if iran acquired nuclear weapons.

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