Egyptians Win: Our Idiot PM David Cameron Loses

One person who will certainly not be happy with the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood”s Muhammad Mursi in Egypt’s first ever free Presidential election will be our twit of a Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Back in February 2011, soon after the Egyptian people brought down Egypt’s long-time dictator, Husni Mubarak, Cameron visited Egypt ostensibly to show support for Egypt’s transition to democratic rule. Cameron made a point of meeting a number of Egyptian groups while deliberately refusing to meet anyone from the Muslim Brotherhood – Egypt’s largest popular mass movement. When asked why he did not meet with the MB, Cameron said:

“My whole argument is that by opening up societies and having the building blocs of democracy and allowing greater participation, you actually give young people … something else to believe in rather than a more extreme Islamic root.”

Cameron had evidently bought into the argument advanced by the Israelis/Policy Exchange/Quilliam etc who keep parrotting that ‘Islamists’ are all extremists. So we can expect some amusing backtracking from the UK government as it realises that the Arab world’s most populous and influential country has voted for an ‘Islamist’ President.

Our Foreign Minister, William Hague was quick off the mark tweeting:

“The people of #Egypt have elected a new President. I congratulate him and them on the result, and the peaceful process”

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9 Responses to Egyptians Win: Our Idiot PM David Cameron Loses

  1. hindutva inshallah says:

    MB victory in Egypt means only one thing, the extinction of its Copts and homosexuals. But thats the choice of the voters at the end of the day. I wonder if they will open Gaza’s western border crossing.

  2. hindutva inshallah says:

    Oh and one more thing, Mr Morsi wants Jerusalem to be the capital of Egypt. Good luck to them on that project, but I think there is more chance of Balochistan becoming independent.

  3. Yunus says:

    Hindutva stop spreading fallacious non-truths, we are Islamically obliged to protect the Copts and homosexuality will no doubt rightly be discouraged through discourse, but there will be no purging, people have to make the choices they feel are best for them for this life…and the life to come. I presume you do believe in a day of recompense or reckoning???

    I would like to congratulate our brothers, theirs is a true victory of will and determination. 80 years of true commitment to ones cause, sacrifice and service to their people has resulted in what you see today. Cameron is a buffoon, this is why British Muslim activists can not bring themselves to support his ilk, his hypocrisy is so evident. Mr Cameron the Egyptian people have chosen democracy and they have chosen the person they feel best represents them. His democratic mandate is far greater than yours. Have some respect, eat some humble pie and open the doors to dialogue with representative bodies both in Egypt (which you will be obliged to do) and with Muslim representative bodies in the UK such as the MCB. Otherwise your duplicity will continue to shine

    • SELIN SANLI says:

      Thank you brother, it is well argued. In Turkey , after 100 years of suffering , practisng muslims have won the goverment, they are best of best af all the times, they have improved Turkey in every aspect within 10 years, no other goverment were able to do it in 100 years. Don’t fear from people who fear from Allah.

    • hindutva inshallah says:

      Hello Yunus, a few points, you mentioned Islam has a duty to protect kufrs such as Copts and Jews, protect them from who exactly?

      And discouraging homosexuals through discourse, do you mean “physical persuassion”.

  4. Yvonne Ridley says:

    Who is this Hindutva? He is either barn door thick or may be Mubarak is not as dead as we thought, lol!

    • hindutva inshallah says:

      Hello Yvvone, are you still supporting the Chechen seperatists? I remember your comments about the Beslan terrorists, I suggest you avoid upsetting the Islamic world’s number one john.

    • SELIN SANLI says:

      Hi Yvonne, don’t worry people like that. They do not realise, they shouldn’t have to fear from the people who fears Allah, they will no way harm no one. Take care.

  5. Brendan says:

    ummhh Selin Sanli, visited any religious minorities in Muslim majority countries lately…?

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