Hasan Family Ousted From Masjid Tawhid?

It looks at the moment as if the faction opposed to the Hasan family has asserted their control over Masjid Tawhid, Leyton. The mosque has been the centre of a long-running dispute between rival factions.

There had been an arbitration process to try and reconcile the two sides but the process seems to have been thrown off the rails by the decision of Usama Hasan (one of Suhaib Hasan’s sons), to write to the Charity Commission to urge them to open an investigation into alleged extremism at the mosque. Usama appears to have written to the Charity Commission just days after resigning as a Trustee of the mosque. Usama now works full-time for the Quilliam Foundation.

In the latest developments, the Trustees opposed to the Hasan family have announced that they have asserted their control over the mosque and have changed the locks and employed security guards “to protect the Mosque and its worshippers from any untoward behaviour on the part of members of the Hasan family.”

The statement also refers to an alleged incident at the mosque yesterday evening:

“After three hours of aggressive confrontation from the Hasan family members, including Dr Suhaib Hasan, Mrs Shakila Hasan, Dr Liaquat Ali, Mrs Khola Hasan and Hamdi Hasan, they were finally told to leave the Mosque premises by the police. The Trust may need to enforce banning orders on some of these individuals if they continue to cause trouble at the mosque.”

Will this be the end of the long-running troubles at Masjid Tawhid? One can hope and pray…

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2 Responses to Hasan Family Ousted From Masjid Tawhid?

  1. Maxster says:

    No, it doesn’t look like it’ll be the end of it judging by Usama’s latest post:

    Inayat, I wonder if you think it is reasonable to expect other Muslim organisations to step in now and make public statements on the situation (and effectively take a side) because this dispute seems to be getting worse and not better. Could something be expected of ISB? East London Mosque perhaps?

    Is that even realistic?

  2. Maxster: What a strange strategy Usama appears to be embarked upon! In that blog post he seems to portray almost everyone opposed to the Hasan family as extremists and ‘terrorism-sympathisers’. He then refers to pro-Zionist outfits like Policy Exchange for support – outfits that have a long record of trying to undermine representative UK Muslim organisations. Usama seems to have allied himself to some very disreputable people and organisations.

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