Masjid Tawhid Announces Dismissal of Suhaib Hasan

Following on from the news a couple of weeks ago that the new Quilliamite Usama Hasan had written to the Charity Commission to ask them to investigate alleged extremism at Masjid Tawhid – from where he had only recently resigned as a Trustee after many years, it now emerges that Masjid Tawhid held an emergency meeting of the Trustees there a few days ago.

According to a statement they have issued this has now resulted in the dismissal of Usama Hasan’s father, Suhaib Hasan who had been the Chief Imam there for many years.

Here is the statement from Masjid Tawhid:


On 14th June 2012 a special meeting was called by the Trust in relation the Charity
Commission enquiry, and allegations of inviting controversial speakers, dating back to 1998.

The outcome of the meeting was as follows :

– It was mentioned that it is well known that the individuals responsible from 1998 till 2011 for inviting all speakers to the Trust were Dr Suhaib Hasan and other family members including Usama Hasan.

– Consequently decisive action had to be taken by the rest of the Trust, and this resulted in the dismissal of Dr Suhaib Hasan.

– The Arbitration process has been seriously undermined by the behaviour and the actions of members of the Hasan family.

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13 Responses to Masjid Tawhid Announces Dismissal of Suhaib Hasan

  1. abdur rehman says:

    This is a joke? how can a chairman who has served the mosque for soo many years be sacked by people who have no authority? the website has been taken over by a few trustees.

    I was there friday! Dr Suhaib Hasan done the khutba and led the prayer. Alhumdulilah. I am sure he will be there this friday too.

    after the prayer Dr Suhaib Hasan stood up and took all the responsibility for all the talks held during his tenure there and said he is ready to stand firm defending the mosque he has been chairman off for many years. Insha’Allah.

    After his announcement a few brothers (the ones trying to take over) wanted to announce something which has now become apparent was the attempted sacking. however Dr Suhaib Hasan the chairman said there is no announcement needed. I have made the announcement. Then quite disrespectfully they got their own mic and tried to make a announcement. Dr Suhaib Hasan upset said these are the people who want him out. the whole community as a whole got up and stopped the intolerable, rude, no etiquettes of islam wannabe chairman from making announcement.

    even the two imams there are supporting Dr Suhaib Hasan from what i saw.
    the arbritator came in and set a 6 month plan. for the first 3 month suhaib hasan was the chairman. yet these lot have gone against this and are still “trying” to run the show.

    May Allah(swt) resolve these issues and put the Masjid in the hands of who will serve the mosque and the community best.

  2. abdur rehman: I don’t think this is a joke. It is most likely a continuation of a long-running dispute at Masjid Tawhid. It looks as if the official website of Masjid Tawhid is under the control of a faction of the Trustees that are opposed to Suhaib Hasan, Usama Hasan etc. There was an arbitration process but it seems that it has been thrown off course by Usama’s letter to the Charity Commission asking them to open an investigation into alleged extremism at the mosque.

  3. Update: It does indeed look like this is a continuation of the long running dispute at Masjid Tawhid. Here is a link to an alternative Masjid Tawhid website:

    Oh dear!

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  5. Brother says:

    The arbitration process was a positive step forwards at that masjid, and it finally started to look better there. But everything was completely undermined when Usama’s letter to the Charity Commission was leaked. Accusing Muslims on the board of the masjid of siding with extremists? What was Usama thinking? I am in no doubt that Usama’s complaint to the Charity Commission was done with the express approval of his father and his sister and for that reason I no longer suport any of them and my patience has run out with that family.

    I find it disgusting how the supporters of the Hasans faction are now invoking the arbitration process as a means to keep a Hasan in charge. I would rather that the Hasans leave completely and let the masjid make a clean break from the past and move forward.

  6. abdur rehman says:

    it defo a continuation. but the attempted sacking was what i was referring to as a joke. The other party done themselves no favours on Friday. Usama need to stay out of affairs at the masjid as people have lost trust in him. But dr Suhaib is highly respected and thats why some of the trustees were stopped from making an announcement disrespecting him. they do enough of that on the website.

  7. Nasir says:

    The allegations by Usama against the mosque are a joke as his Father Dr Suhaib and Usama were the only poeple who arranged all talks in the Mosque. Dr Suhaib even agreed to this yet how can he continue to protect his son and not defend the mosque. Dr Suhaib need to leave the mosque honourably.

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  9. Tawheed regular says:

    Suhaib Hasan will be missed.. May Allah give him sabr during this difficult time. always looked forward to his talks during ramadan before witr.. the dispute have been dealt with awfully I think and has made our local mosque look awful. Think I would rather go abirr mosque on church road as there will be bad taste at tawhid.

  10. tawhid worshipper says:

    Bismillah.i am very dissappointed and disgusted the wsy the trust dealt with suhaib this the wsy rhey would deal with their father.fear allah and look at Syria,is this not a reminder.No wonder muslims r in dont judge the actions due to his son.he shd hv been dealt with professionally.the tryst has no right to throw anyone out.disgraceful behaviour.

  11. dan says:

    @tawhid worshipper & abdur rehman:

    on that friday mr suhaib hasan was disrespecting & insulting the other trustees throughout his juma sermon, yet none of them intervened when he was slagging them off in what is supposed to be a ‘holy talk’ and not one to air out personal vendettas. Yet despite this after juma he rudely and abrasively disrupted the other trustees when they were gonna make an announcement, by shouting over them on the mic. Then his thugs(including his son) pulled out the mic and snatched the paper from the other trustees. His son also made a death threat to one of the trustees, which the police have arrested him for and are investigating. Death threats, censoring and vandalising mosque property, the only ones behaving like extremists are the hasan family.

    • tawhid worshipper says:

      read yr email again bro.the trust interrupted juma kutba.we came to the mosque for juma not an argument or a fight.This is not the way.You wd hv done the same thing if someone came to fight with yr father.So you have greater knowledge in knowing all affairs..The hadith is you dont undermine
      authority n hv sabr with yr leader,this is why
      The ummah has strayed.allah help us all.dont spk of fairs or comment on things u hv no knowledge for as a good character is better.

      the ummah has strayed.

  12. fugstar says:

    So its stupid pakis versus royal sellouts,
    A spectacle for all to see,
    Superpositioned wavefronts,
    Of Olympian idiocy.

    The whole world is a masjid,
    Our belief is in tawhid
    Yet juxtaposed, the words expose.
    How musallis like to bleed

    So fork your stupid squabble
    Raze the building to the ground
    Urban agriculture for Leyton
    To me delightful sounds.

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