Nafeez Ahmed Seeks to Explain His Actions Re: MYH Scandal

Nafeez Ahmed, the husband of the former MYH CEO Akeela Ahmed has written a post on his website seeking to give his side of the story regarding the shocking letters he and his wife sent to the police and counter-terrorism officers urging them to investigate and prosecute some past and present workers at the Muslim Youth Helpline for alleged ‘extremism’, ‘racism’ and ‘homophobia’.

Just a few days ago I received a letter from his wife’s lawyers in which they warned me to deactivate a post I had written about the scandal. Apparently some other people have also received similar letters from her lawyers. Now he says that he and his wife are sorry for their actions in referring the MYH workers to the counter-terrorism officers.

Well, it’s a start. Meanwhile, there are certainly plenty of lessons to absorb from this entire very sad episode.

Update: Just as an aside, while I was writing the above post late last night I was watching the Film 4 premier of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2009 Swedish version, not the Daniel Craig version) which as many of you will know features a lead female character who is an expert hacker. In the IT networking business (which I work in) she would be known as a Black Hat hacker (someone who hacks for personal gain and wealth) who goes on to become a White Hat hacker (someone who hacks for a greater good eg bringing people who abuse power to account). Strangely coincidental!

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19 Responses to Nafeez Ahmed Seeks to Explain His Actions Re: MYH Scandal

  1. “And those who annoy believing men and women undeservedly, they bear the crime of slander and plain sin.” (Qur`an 33:58) “Those who slander chaste women are cursed forever [in this life and the Hereafter]” (24:23) “Nor backbite one another; would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would abhor it” (Qur’an 49:12) “O you who believe! If a fasiq comes to you with any news, verify it, lest you should harm people in ignorance and afterwards regret what you have done.” (49: 6)

    Dear Inayat,

    I am really surprised that you have chosen to champion people who are currently the subject of an ongoing police investigation into criminal activity in the form of harassment and hacking against MYH personnel, including in particular against my wife, Akeela, in such a horrible way that it has spilled over into our family lives resulting in what we now know to be a month-long (or longer) illegal spying operation on our home computers.

    To date, you have produced no evidence for your repeated (defamatory) allegations insinuating in one way or another “abuse of power”. The truth is far simpler, and is documented by MYH records in the possession of the Board of Trustees, a narrative I have mentioned in my public statement – Akeela and her colleague, the Helpline Manager, were targeted very simply because of their stand for diversity and equal opportunities against racism and homophobia; and corresponding efforts to professionalise the helpline service.

    That is not an “abuse of power”, but hacking and harassing two vulnerable Muslim sisters, one of them with familiy, certainly is. Well done for confirming your wholehearted support for these crimes. The people behind this criminal campaign are deeply misguided individuals who think that crime can be justified by noble intentions – even though those intentions are mired in a narrow and dangerous interpretation of Islam that I am quite shocked to find yourself implicitly gravitating towards.

    You also produce no evidence for the insinuation that Akeela resigned as a direct consequence of the anti-terror issues – again, it is a matter of record that Akeela issued her resignation on the Friday immediately after her personal account was hacked by criminals whom you seem to support. That is something you could have verified if you had chosen to do so, as any journalist worth their salt would.

    Unfortunately, you are not a journalist.

    While your initial posts on this issue were perfectly understandable, and I would say, honourably intentioned, this post reveals that you’re actually just upset that Akeela’s solicitors contacted you to inform of you of the fact that your statements are defamatory.

    It is a shame that a person in your position in our communities stoops to such levels. When I had first met you several years ago – you had interviewed on your show for the Islam Channel about my then just released book, The London Bombings: An Independent Inquiry – I had found you an open-minded, reasonable and personable character. What on earth happened to that man?

  2. Nafeez: I like the fact that you opened your comment with verses from the Qur’an – just days after you appear to have asked counter-terror police to investigate some MYH workers for alleged extremism. I really think our actions in this world will in the end count for far more than reciting pious verses.

    Regarding the alleged criminal activity – firstly, my understanding is that no one has yet been charged, let alone convicted of any alleged offence. Please feel free to correct me if this understanding is mistaken. Secondly, my sentence about White Hat hackers was in connection with a movie that I watched last night. I remarked how coincidental it was that the movie involved hacking while I was writing a post about your latest blog about events at the MYH. The lead female character in that movie becomes a White Hat hacker – and yes, she is a hero in the movie!

    Regarding the alleged harassment of your wife and the MYH helpline manager – I think you will find that I have not commented about it at all. I have no objective information about it. If a crime has been committed then I would expect the police to deal with it and bring those involved to justice. So I am appalled that you now say – in what appears to be a highly defamatory statement – that I have shown ‘wholehearted support’ for the alleged harassment. Please can you show me exactly where I have done this? And yet you accuse me of making unfair statements against you!

    In fact, when I look over the three blogs I have written about this whole affair I think the only comment I have made in them at all is that I found the letters sent to the police and the counter-terrorism officers to be shocking. Do you think I should not be allowed to express an opinion on a matter which is now in the public domain?

    Regarding your wife’s resignation – it was only made public on Monday afternoon in a statement from the MYH Board, so I am not sure about the point you are trying to make there.

    Finally, it is true I am not a journalist. I have never been a journalist and have never claimed to be a journalist. I work as a senior network engineer and in my free-time do some blogging. Again, I am not sure what point you were trying to make there.

  3. I quoted those verses as a reminder as to how you should deal with rumour, innuendo, and things that you do not have information about.

    Yes, Inayat, I agree with you about our actions in this world.

    You state: “… you appear to have asked counter-terror police to investigate some MYH workers for alleged extremism.” While I understand that a reactionary reading of unlawfully intercepted hacked confidential communications that have been illegally uploaded on an illegal blog would lead you to draw that conclusion, I don’t understand why you insist on repeating what is ultimately an untrue and defamatory allegation which I have just categorically disproven in my public statement about the matter, citing a range of correspondence with the police – which proves that far from referring anybody to SO15, frontline police officers did so, and Akeela and I made efforts to try and sensitively get the police to focus on a purely criminal investigation. As I have now clarified this in the public record, I do not appreciate you wilfully flogging a dead horse with the result of maximising the defamation and harassment against my wife.

    Your other untrue and defamatory allegation is that Akeela resigned in response to the unlawful disclosure of these communications with the police, insinuating that her position became untenable as a result of that. As I already said, if you had bothered verifying the facts by contacting the MYH Board of Trustees, you would have been able to avoid making statements which are untrue.

    On the case of the “alleged criminal activity” that you continue to pretend is an ambiguous matter, it is enough that myself, Akeela, other victims, the MYH Board of Trustees, independent IT forensic experts, and the police, can confirm the facts that 1. multiple email/computer systems were hacked; 2. multiple people have received offensive, vulgar and harassing phone calls and texts; 3. our home internet and computer systems were monitored for a period of about a month; to name just a few things. Those incidents are facts, I have just put them in the public record, and you could have at any time verified them as facts if you bothered to contact either myself, Akeela, the MYH Board of Trustees, or the police.

    What is also bizarre is that you received a letter from Akeela’s solicitors, Mishcon De Reya, who are one of the world’s most respected and ethical law firms informing you in writing of the fact that our emails had been obtained unlawfully by hacking. Your ridiculous response was something to the effect that it is far from clear that illegal hacking has occurred.

    What you are rather disingenuously seem to be saying is that when someone is robbed, the issue of them being robbed is an existential ambiguity, until the identity of the robber is uncovered – in the real world, Inayat, when someone is robbed, they are robbed, and that is why an investigation into the theft actually takes place.

    The existence/occurrence of the criminal campaign that has been conducted against MYH, and particularly Akeela, is a matter of record. An investigation is now underway to identify the perpetrators and while many have their views about the likely suspects, that is a matter for the authorities. If you had bothered to contact any of the relevant authorities, you would have known this. But it seems, you’d rather not, and would rather continue to pretend that crimes have not been committed. Hence my reference to journalism.

    I’ll say it again. Unfortunately you are not a journalist.

    You don’t need to repeat to me this fact, as it’s painfully obvious – if you were, you would have had some sort of basic respect for facts and reality, and a desire to seek it out, which in this case, I have no idea why, you clearly don’t.

    What you said about your film night is not that it is a coincidence that you were watching a film about hacking while writing your latest blog about MYH. What you said is as follows:

    “In the IT networking business (which I work in) she would be known as a Black Hat hacker (someone who hacks for personal gain and wealth) who goes on to become a White Hat hacker (someone who hacks for a greater good eg bringing people who abuse power to account). Strangely coincidental!”

    I have asked around about this amongst colleagues, and it is very clear that whatever your intentions this comes across as insinuating that the hackers who are targeting MYH and Akeela are doing so for a greater good, and this what is coincidental. If you didn’t intend that meaning, I am happy to forget it and move on.

    So having made all that clear, I am afraid that Akeela was and is well within her rights to request you not to refer to unlawfully obtained confidential materials the misrepresentation of which can result in the kind of defamatory assertions and insinuations you have repeatedly made. I understand why you did, and I don’t hold that against you – but the fact remains that they way you’ve done so in such an irresponsible way has caused unnecessary and unwarranted harm to our reputation, in a difficult situation where we the worst we have done is to contact the police for fear of our safety. I find if frankly disgusting that you believe this is something to mock.

    • schrodinger's balls says:

      “Existential ambiguity” ….ooh you are a clever boy. Nafeez, your ability to muddy (obfuscate) the truth is truly remarkable.

      I have a simple fictional story, you may be familiar with it:
      a lady boss acts with impropriety (including bullying her staff)
      Said staff sign a pettition expressing their lack of confidence in her
      Husband of said wife tries to mete out some vengence on staff by dobbing them into the police as terrorists.

      This is the story. Thanks to a number of “leaks” there is little “existential ambuguity” about the events that took place.

      i know another story:
      some people didnt like this woman
      they did illegal things and invaded her privacy
      The police may (they initially declined) catch these bad people

      It is a shame this woman had her privacy invaded and things that she did away from the eyes of others, was exposed and it caused her distress. There are no justifiable reasons for such actions.

      btw. there is a huge existential ambiguity regarding theft (c.f Rousseau, Bissot, Sade Marx etc. shouting it dosent make it so.

  4. Nafeez: In order to respond properly and fairly to you I would need to quote from the letter you apparently sent on 30th May 2012 to CI James Spencer, the Channel National Strategic Lead in ACPO and which has been published on the Whistleblower’s Blog. Is that fine with you?

    • Anynomous says:

      Do you mean this excerpt?

      ———- Forwarded message ———-
      From: Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
      Date: 30 May 2012 09:18
      Subject: Re: serious concerns about criminal and extremist activity to sabotage Muslim Youth Helpline
      To: PREVENT James Spencer
      Cc: Akeela Ahmed

      Dear James,

      Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly, and thanks for passing this on. I look forward to speaking to you later.

      All the best

      On 30 May 2012 07:35, PREVENT James Spencer wrote:
      Hello Nafeez,

      I am really sorry to hear that you are having problems. This may be something that frontline colleagues may not fully appreciate the ramifications of but if they have referred it to Anti Terrorism they have taken the right steps which shows an understanding and is positive.

      The fact that you have concerns with your knowledge and experience of these issues does make me genuinely concerned. I have already contacted SO15 Counter Terrorism Command and provided details. I have asked them to come back to me but they may also make contact direct. I hope that is okay.

      I will ring you before the end of the week regardless of any action taken.

      Best wishes,

      Chief Inspector James Spencer
      Channel National Strategic Lead
      Office of National Coordinator Prevent
      Association of Chief Police Officers | Terrorism & Allied Matters Business Area
      10, Victoria Street, London, SW1 0NN
      Phone:          +44 (0)20 7084 8711
      Fax:              +44 (0)20 7084 8784
      Mobile:          07703795920

      From: [] On Behalf Of Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
      Sent: 30 May 2012 00:23
      To: PREVENT James Spencer
      Cc: Akeela Ahmed
      Subject: serious concerns about criminal and extremist activity to sabotage Muslim Youth Helpline

      Dear James,

      I hope you’re well, and that your work on Channel is proceeding successfully.

      I apologise for contacting you like this, but we felt it was important to do so given the nature of the situation.

      I am writing to you at the request of my wife, Akeela, who is Chief Executive of a well-known national charity, the Muslim Youth Helpline (MYH). After some discussion with her on the ongoing crisis facing MYH, we agreed that it would be appropriate to contact Channel to explore the appropriateness of the current law-enforcement response.

      Essentially, MYH has since late April been criminally attacked by a small group of former staff and volunteers who appear to be motivated by homophobic and racist views, rooted in an extremist agenda. The criminal actions are as follows – hacking (unauthorised access to a computer system with intent to commit a serious crime); public disclosure of the confidential and sensitive material obtained leading to breach of confidence; harassment and blackmail using the confidential material unlawfully obtained.

      Naturally, the matter has already been reported to the police, and this is the reason I suggested to Akeela that we should contact you. Akeela reported the crime(s) at Marylebone Police Station last week. This week, however, she was informed that the police would not be conducting a criminal investigation – but that they would ask Anti-Terrorism to look at the case as they were concerned about the homophobic context.

      She is deeply concerned that without a robust response from law-enforcement, the impunity that this group is now enjoying may encourage them to escalate their criminal activities. There have been a few veiled threats to this effect over the email.

      That is essentially why I recommended that we get in touch with you, as my understanding is that Channel is well-placed to respond effectively to this sort of thing. My worry, and Akeela’s worry is that the police officers we have spoken to don’t appreciate the insidious dynamic of what is going on as an extremist attempt to, effectively, forcibly takeover one of this country’s leading progressive Muslim charities, through the use of criminal means. Given Channel’s specialist approach and understanding of these issues, I hope very much that you might be able to look into this.

      FYI, the crime number for this case is 2315342/12.

      We’ll be most grateful if you can consider if there is anything Channel might be able to do to put an end to this criminal activity.

      Akeela would of course be very happy to speak with you or an appropriate officer directly about this issue. I have copied this email to her – she can also be contacted via her mobile at 07974 259 121. She would be happy to also send you any further materials that explain the case in more detail, including a letter Akeela addressed to Marylebone Police Station, which goes into more detail on these events and their context, as well as a file of relevant documentary evidence to back-up the letter.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. Do let us know what you think.

      Best wishes

  5. Abdul-Momin Hussain says:

    Brother Inayat, can I give my two-pence?

    JazakumAllahkhairan Dr. Nafeez for partaking on the conversation, after your initial silence. I’m personally interested to have your input in a number of questions which have troubled me regarding this incident, as well as use this opportunity to share some comments regarding certain impressions that have struck me. Looking very forward to a reply.

    (There are some question that I have left out (which you can find in Inayats first post) in specific regarding the use and abuse of privilege and power that some persons have in our community with regards to connections with police and security personnel. Considering your actions, I suspect your contribution to that debate would be considered to be  biased.)

    Dr. Nafees, you cared little for the reputations of those whom besmirched when you was initially worried (and, according to some of them, your statement continues to do so); are you really that surprised at the lack of sympathy that people have towards your attempts to rescue yours?

    As for your reliability and trustworthiness; when your father in law begins to sue each one of the MYH25, despite Akeela as well as the trustees acknowledging that some of their names were forged and used without their consent; is it not understandable that people may regard your words of sympathy towards these individuals as hollow?

    Further regarding your wife reputation, in her signed letter to the police she said she mentioned witnesses that would independently supported her allegations. Both have publicly and privately denied the substance and allegations of incidents. Now which is it?, is it either they have changed their mind, or you wifes testimony is mistake ridden, which may naturally lead to suspicions of unreliability?

    With regards to her alleged harassment. In view of yesterdays EGM, it seem either that the nefarious group, which you have accused of orchestrating a concerted campaign of harassment, has effectively created resentment amongst the 70 volunteers who attended against their former CEO, or alternatively, her former employees and volunteers simply neither recognises nor believes the substance of her allegations? 

    There are more facts to emerge, but it seems more and more easier to believe that this was initially case of mismanagement in dealing with dissent to her specific ideological vision of the charity not shared by a seeming majority of the staff and volunteers which, thanks to you, has escalated quite spectacularly out of all proportion. Of course I stand to be corrected, and It seems that everyone will have their day in court, but again is it so hard to fathom why the allegation of harassment seems less and less credulous?

    Now a longer and more controversial point, but necessary if only because when discussing this point it seems to be on everyone’s lips. 

    Its worrying how you easily you reproduce imposed narratives on Muslim community regarding homosexuality and homophobia, and fail to see how/ why these views has incited the angry reaction that it has amongst the ‘muslim social media’ community, especially considering you’re an academic and all.

    If you forgive me Inayat, I’ll refer you to the Catholic argument against homosexuality – I also wish to quote a longish passage, where the tract defends itself against accusations of ‘homophobia’;

    “You’re Just a Homophobe”
    Those opposed to homosexual behavior are often charged with “homophobia”—that they hold the position they do because they are “afraid” of homosexuals. Sometimes the charge is even made that these same people are perhaps homosexuals themselves and are overcompensating to hide this fact, even from themselves, by condemning other homosexuals. 

    Both of these arguments attempt to stop rational discussion of an issue by shifting the focus to one of the participants. In doing so, they dismiss another person’s arguments based on some real or supposed attribute of the person. In this case, the supposed attribute is a fear of homosexuals. 

    Like similar attempts to avoid rational discussion of an issue, the homophobia argument completely misses the point. Even if a person were afraid of homosexuals, that would not diminish his arguments against their behavior. The fact that a person is afraid of handguns would not nullify arguments against handguns, nor would the fact that a person might be afraid of handgun control diminish arguments against handgun control. 
    Furthermore, the homophobia charge rings false. The vast majority of those who oppose homosexual behavior are in no way “afraid” of homosexuals. A disagreement is not the same as a fear. One can disagree with something without fearing it, and the attempt to shut down rational discussion by crying “homophobe!” falls flat. It is an attempt to divert attention from the arguments against one’s position by focusing attention on the one who made the arguments, while trying to claim the moral high ground against him. ”

    (It is for similar reasons I’ve always abhorred the use of the word ‘Islamophobia’, but let’s agree to reserve that discussion for another post.)

    It seems therefore despite recent intense discussions within the catholic church, and other denominations, as well as other faith traditions, the orthodox and traditional opinion amongst them all Is that homosexuality is ‘unnatural’ and acting upon it is a ‘sin’. It seems therefore, we’re not the only community disquieted by the ‘progressive narrative’ that you blithely invoke.

    Now whether you agree with the Catholics position on homosexuality is one thing, the fact is, is that the vast majority of Muslims do. What Muslims, like fellow Catholics and others who share those convictions are resigned to, due to the emergent liberal consensus in the UK since the last 30 years, is to be considered, amongst other things, bigoted and prejudiced etc. What is striking is that, unwittingly or otherwise, you reproduce negative discourses that only labels Muslims as ‘extreme’ for doing so.

    Though you may not share this conviction with the majority of Muslims, and you may consider that a change in our convictions as a prerequisite for our faith to be considered ‘compassionate’, please explain why you deem this to be ‘extreme’ in the case of Muslims?, and if you do, if a similar situation were to occur in a Catholic care line would your advice be to contact counter terrorism, as you have done?

    Am much lookin towards to your replies and would be happy apologise (and retract if necessary), were your answers to sufficiently satisfy. Thank you and JazakumAllahkhairan.

    (Forgive the typos – typed from my phone)

    — Sent from my HTC Desire on 3 —

  6. fugstar says:

    Is anyone buying this whiteous indignation PR offensive ?

    The reputational losses to Nafeez, MYH and its board are solely as a result of their performance as native informant pakis. Many people believe their alibis, preferring to cover their brothers and sisters mistakes, but this does not make it incumbent upon all of us who know better to play along with the charade. Just because youve been wronged doesnt make you righteous.

    The internal complaint to the MYH Board concerned bullying and pretty trashy language from those who you are honour bound to defend. It had nothing to do with the white chaps race or his sexuality, in fact i believe it was a bro’s sexuality in question.

    Thats just a gendered sob story to my knowledge, but the public arent allowed to know because of the lawyers crawling all up the victim’s bums.

    This so called apology hits emotional button but is essentially a publicity offensive laced in progressivisms and cheesy prevent language.

  7. Islam says:

    Nafeez cut your bullshit and admit you grassed people up. Now go join Quilliam do some ‘good work’ which you think you are doing and save your whiteous indignation. I hope the community stays away from the likes of grasses like you and your wife.

  8. Anom says:

    I don’t think it is the place of the public to judge what MYH is doing with regards to this matter as Dr Ahmed hasn’t given the full context of the grievances experienced by the staff and volunteers. ‘John’ only joined the helpline recently. The grievances experienced by the staff and volunteers are related to other issues. It is unfortunate that all this happened but to this date MYH does not know who the hacker(s) is or are and yet all these names been passed onto CTU. There has been many non Muslims who have been involved with MYH. There were already other non Muslims working at MYH before ‘John’. It is an organisation that has succeeded in Muslims of different sects working together, Devout and Non practicing Muslims working together and even had non Muslim interns from universities from USA working, developing reports on various campaigns. Its staff have visited many countries (prior to the former CEO’s appointment) promoting good relations.

    MYH was set up by a 16 year old in his bedroom to support isolated young Muslims. He did it all on his own. 6 months later his friends joined him and it has since went up, up and up… The people that dedicated their time (the volunteers and staff did more hours than contracted to) and the atmosphere was of ‘UNITY’ and ‘ONENESS’. It was the first Muslim organisation to support gay youth. Its first article Published by its sister project was on gay Muslims which was published on BBC.

    It recieved attacks from and to this day disliked by the community members who are homophobic and racist. So why would homophobic people join the organisation- fully knowing its ethos? One thing a reader must remember the volunteers are young and energetic and are more likely to make mistakes than older more experienced individuals such as Dr Ahmed. Please for the love of humanity do not show support for people who abuse their power to tarnish the namea of our youth who give up their time to support the charity.

    Muslim YouthHelpline is an amazing charity. Whoever worked or volunteered there will tell you that. But there was once a bad seed that made many feel helpless. Who used their knowledge of the system and their power to abuse the more vulnerable members of the organisation. That bad seed in addition to lack of experience of few who committed rather major human errors has led to the current situation. That bad seed is gone. Although the family members of the bad seed is harrassing the signatories on a daily basis with law suits, the bad seed is gone and MYH can move on and start all over again inshAllah… And inshAllah it will find the hacker. Allah knows who he/she/they are and truth always comes out in the end inshAllah.

    • Ali says:

      Can people please elaborate on the abuse of authority that is being alleged against the former CEO? Lot’s of vague accusations, yet little detail being presented to counter the accusations of homophobia.

      Also why are people having a problem with Nafeez and Akeela reporting hacking, threats and harassment to the Police? Why is this so shocking? Are you people not a part of this society? Do you not pay taxes? Then why this reluctance to engage with British institutions who are there to protect you and investigate alleged crimes if you feel you are being victimised? Why is everybody jumping up and down and saying that going to the police to report a crime is itself a crime? Seriously people, get a grip. The longer you walk around with the idea of “us versus them” the longer the alleged “them” will reflect your skewed separated vision of the world and treat you as an “other” too.

      • Anom says:

        No one has a problem with reporting the hacking to the police. No one is discussing this. Please read the original comments carefully. The hackers and those who made a complaint against CEO is not one. The hacker found emails in CEO’s account where the CEO spoke ill of other staff etc. Those emails were sent to other staff and volunteers which resulted in the only thing those volunteers/ staff could do as they felt they tried other avenues and were unsuccessful. MYH is a charity that has a board of trustees who manage the CEO. The CTU was involved without the knowledge of the board and other members of staff. People’s name were unfairly passed onto them… MYH just like other organisations has desciplinary procedures to deal with anyone who does not follow its diversity policies. That is for MYH to deal with internally…

      • fugstar says:

        Ya Ali,

        The MYH25 are pretty much gagged by the lawyers of the abusers, and the board prefers that they are quiet. Remember that The Apologiser himself took about a week to produce His Apology And Explanation.

        You mistake the general Muslim disgust at the actions of these exposed abusers as some kind of social separatism, and fall into dull boring ‘us and themisms’. YAwnpants

  9. Anom says:

    It is interesting that my comment above which I wanted to post on Nafeez Ahmed’s blog wasn’t published yet he published the pointless comments others made.

  10. Chilled says:

    Salaam all

    I can’t believe how much nonsense there is on this matter. Let’s not hide behind anonymous accounts and illegally gained materials…

    First of all read the statement provided by brother Nafees…

    He says… “It was a traumatic experience. From that point on, we were constantly on guard, wondering what was going to happen next…”

    If you have ever been under siege in any way you would realise what it feels like. Your most personal of communications intercepted and published. It’s horrible and anyone who makes light of this should consider their own level of empathy, a human emotion. One which it seems is missing from a lot of posters.

    So the facts are which are not in dispute are…

    1. Emails were hacked and confidential material was gained by illegal activities.
    2. The Chief Executive reported this to the police.
    3. Instead of launching a criminal investigation immediately the matter was referred the matter to SO15.
    4. The Chief Executive’s husband asked a member of the police if he could find out whether the decision could be revisited and criminal activities could be investigated.

    I have to say that I see absolutely nothing wrong in any of this. In fact, I think Nafees’s apology was not required. Neither he nor Akeela actually did anything wrong.

    1. Emails were hacked. What is a responsible Chief Executive to do? They have to inform the authorities when things like this occur. What do you do if you’re under attack? You report the matter. To say there was any other alternative makes no sense.
    2. The police referred this to SO15, as is their right to do. If you have a problem with how the police handle things then take it up with them. It’s nothing to do with the victims of this crime.
    3. Surely it’s right that this should be investigated as a criminal matter rather than a terrorist one.

    Now, I know there is a lot being said about the people who were referenced in the letter to the police. Well, unfortunately their names were well documented as people who had signed a letter against the Chief Executive. Whether they actually did sign the letter or not, we don’t know, but their names are there. So, as with any criminal investigation the first question that is asked is “Can you think of anyone who might want to harm you?”. The answer in this case was yes, and it was absolutely correct that Akeela give those names and the context to the police. To not do so she would be negligent in her duties as a Chief Executive.

    Again, the process is then in the hands of the police to do with as they see fit for their investigations. It’s clear that nobody was specifically referred by Akeela or Nafees to SO15. I can’t wait for the police to find these anonymous criminal yobs and lock them away so they cannot cause further harm to the muslim community and innocent individuals.

    • Zahed says:

      I think this is as clear as it gets about this issue, which started with hacking (a criminal matter) and reporting to the police (the CEO’s responsibility) and not with reporting to SO15 (which the police did on their own, contrary to the wishes of the CEO or her husband).

      • fugstar says:

        But you work in the Muslim suffocation industry and are dedicated to reproducing docile liberal muslim subjects. Your intervention simply densifies Urineosphere

  11. anon says:

    When it comes to er… ‘defending and upholding Justice’, amazing how people do so by doing something HARAM such as spying and hacking.
    By responding by Haram, ie – Slander.
    By losing Adab.
    No benefit of the doubt.
    No innocent until proven guilty.
    No recourse to authority.

    …. just gossipy chit chat who feel their opinions carry weight and importance.

    Before you type, consider how your heart and head feels. Are they in a state of utter forgetfulness or remembrance of Allah and Rasul(saw)… or are they only in remembrance of your own Ego’s feeling the need to defend themselves lest another ego steps on them?

  12. bengalpuss29 says:

    What did you actually want keela and nafeez to do, just sit there and be invaded by people hacking their email accounts and various other nasty things. You people are all banging on about them going to the police, damn right they should’ve gone. What you have to realise is this woman was so frightened that she resigned her job. This hate campaign that has gone on is absolutely disgusting, they have 2 children and they are picking up on the fear that has been injected into this saga. All they had done was to stick up for a new colleague who happened to be white and not a muslim. But knew enough about islam to land the job. From time he started at that job, former workers were not happy and some left, and thats when the shit hit the fan. I say this to you lot moaning about them contacting the police. What would you do in the same position? Im sure your answer wouldn’t be, i wouldn’t contact the police because we know thats not true, all you people having a jibe at these people, shame on you, shame on you

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