Who Is Trying to Knife Baroness Warsi?

I received a call today from a journalist asking if I had any information about Baroness Warsi. The journo was after some dirt that he evidently hoped would finally bury Warsi.

For the past few weeks the Sunday Telegraph and Daily Telegraph have run a number of negative stories about Warsi. This has been accompanied by a whispering campaign by right-wing Tories who clearly do not like the idea of a Muslim woman being co-Chair of their party. A couple of weeks ago, James Macintyre wrote a fine piece in the Guardian contrasting the way Warsi has been treated by David Cameron and the way Cameron has been dealing with his Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

Anyway, back to the journo. He said that he reckoned that Warsi was definitely on her way out and any new information that helped shed more negative light on her would be appreciated. I explained that I have had almost no dealings with Warsi at all. I only met her very briefly at a function in East London some six years ago and she came across to me as being an intelligent, outspoken, independent and rather sassy lady.

Like all people, she has also said some dumb things – her inaccurate and derogatory remarks about the MCB on Question Time a few years back was not a high point for her. However, there is far more that is good about her and when you consider that some of her enemies – who include the vile Paul Goodman of Conservative Home – seem to have been calling for her to be sacked almost every week since she was appointed co-Chair, it is to be hoped that the Prime Minister does not give in to the pressure and has the good sense to retain Warsi’s not inconsiderable talent in his Cabinet.

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4 Responses to Who Is Trying to Knife Baroness Warsi?

  1. hindutva inshallah says:

    Ni hao, Inayat. This blog does not make sense at all, both Hunt and Warsi have been under intense scrutiny. Cameron is standing by them both as nothing has been proved yet. Both should be rightly investigated. Warsi is under pressure not because of some Kufr vendetta against Muslim politicians but because there are issues regarding her financial probity.


    • hindutva: The whole point of the blog was the Cameron has not dealt with Warsi and Hunt equally. He referred Warsi to Sir Alex Allan, the Independent adviser on ministers’ interests, but not Hunt despite all we know about his support for Murdoch’s bid for Sky. Read the link I posted to Macintyre’s piece about the dual standards.

  2. Sarah AB says:

    For once we agree, a bit.
    There was a piece in the Sunday Times about her being involved in some publicity for a private enterprise in Pakistan – but it is very difficult, for someone not plugged into such things, to know how far, if at all, that is a terribly inappropriate thing for her to have done.

  3. mercadeo says:

    This is more or less the advice that Sayeeda Warsi has been doggedly offering for years. It was rejected by the powers-that-be. But politicians being politicians, it wasn’t rejected completely. So the adjective “state” was grafted on to the front of the noun “multiculturalism”, like a papery fig-leaf, to differentiate between the multiculturalism the state has produced and that which people produce themselves.

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