Letter Received from Lawyers for former MYH CEO Akeela Ahmed

Yesterday afternoon I received a letter (marked ‘Not for Publication’ – so I won’t reproduce it here) from a firm of lawyers saying that they were acting for Mrs Akeela Ahmed the former CEO of the Muslim Youth Helpline who resigned on Monday following the publication of alleged correspondence from her and her husband, Nafeez Ahmed, which appeared to show that they had asked the police and counter-terrorism officers to investigate some past and present workers at the MYH for alleged extremism and homophobia.

Mrs Akeela Ahmed’s lawyers said that they were writing to me in connection with my blog posting from Monday which contained a link to the Whistleblower’s Blog. They appear to want me to do two things:

1. Deactivate my blog post about Mrs Akeela Ahmed. Her lawyers say that they have already asked Google (who own Blogger – the site where the Whistleblower’s blog was published) to remove the blog.

2. They objected to my comment on the resignation of Mrs Akeela Ahmed. I had said in the comments section of the blog posting (see 10th June 2012, 8.13pm) that the resignation was ‘Probably inevitable given the leaking of the shocking letters to the police and counter-terrorism command.’ They argued that the letters themselves were not ‘shocking’ but that it was the conduct of the alleged harassers of Mrs Akeela Ahmed that was shocking. Mrs Akeela Ahmed’s lawyers also objected to my description of the letters as being ‘leaked’; they said they were not leaked but ‘illegally hacked’.

I have forwarded the letter to a legal firm I respect for their comments on the letter from Mrs Akeela Ahmed’s lawyers.

For now, my thoughts are as follows:

a) I simply commented on and linked to a post that was in the public domain. If Mrs Akeela Ahmed does not like the contents of the Whistleblower’s Blog then she should devote her energies into trying to get it legally removed or amended. My understanding is that Google do not remove blogs just because they receive letters from lawyers. They usually demand a court order at the very least. If the lawyers are successful in getting Google to remove the blog then the link from my blog will automatically not work any longer.

b) I think my description of the leaked letters as ‘shocking’ was quite reasonable, and probably understated. The letters were very shocking. Are Mrs Akeela Ahmed’s lawyers really saying that I should refrain from saying what I really think about the letters urging the investigation and prosecution of some workers at the MYH? As for the letters having been obtained through ‘illegal hacking’ – I really don’t know if they were obtained through those means or not.

I am not sure if Mrs Akeela Ahmed’s lawyers are going to continue to send me letters seeking to escalate matters. I think I have been quite reasonable and fair. But I will await advice from my own lawyers first.

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8 Responses to Letter Received from Lawyers for former MYH CEO Akeela Ahmed

  1. Zubair Islam says:

    I’m with you on this one Inayat. I have now lost respect for them both sorry to say this. You stand your ground Inayat. It’s absolutely pathetic they have lawyers sending letters to bloggers excercising their freedom of expression.
    You are not the only blogger, there are a few more now linking to it with the same or similar descriptions as yourself.
    Also, are they going to tell FOSIS to do the same for publishing online their Open Letter to MYH which also includes links?
    Absolutely ridiculous and petty.
    The cat is out of the bag and they think they can force it back in?
    No humility or respect in that.

    • King Khalid says:

      Hear hear!

      Very little do they know about the internet, blogging and as you quite rightly say “freedom of expression”. No doubt the more they try to suppress the truth, the truth will always prevail in many shapes and forms which no lawyer or ‘lawyers letters’ can silence.

    • A. Mouse says:

      Careful brother Zubair, their lawyers may send YOU letters threatening to prossecute you for defamation. Worse still they may argue that your opposition to the CEO and her husband marks you out as some kind of extremist/islamist/terrorist and then you too may be under investigation by the police. Do not make enemies with those people who have been aligned with the police/governments! they do this for a reason!

      • Zubair Islam says:

        I’d just respond by saying… your client needs better lawyers ;o)

        BTW – If I do end up interned, extradited or whatever… I’m sure it will be good material for Inayat’s blog.

        If I … an impotent feeble commenter on Inayat’s blog is seen as a threatening enemy to such …. then wow that’s an EGO trip and a half

  2. Yunus says:

    Br Inayat, legal advice good move, but I wouldn’t worry about this discredited individual and her lawyers…I wonder how she would feel if we decided to pass her details over to Prevent and MI6 as a potential spy or agent of the Iranian government…exactly…wht I just said is ludicrous, its a shame this thought didn’t cross her mind before she forwarded the details of a whole group of innocent young Muslims…

  3. Patel says:

    Such a sad affair. Well played on standing your ground Inayat.

  4. Ala Maih says:

    wouldn’t lose sleep over it….

  5. zzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Good man Inayat!

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